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  1. JohnStacy

    DAW based on sheet music?

    Get the hell out of my thread. I have no idea what your problem is or what the hell is wrong with you but I was actually seriously pursuing this idea. If you read my first post, and the discussion that followed, you could see that we were actually seriously discussing this concept, which was much different from the other thread, the point of which you also missed. If somebody is asking a question on a forum, saying "hurr durr just google it noob" doesn't actually do anything. It's 2019. No shit people can google things. I can google "daw based on sheet music" to see if there's anything out there. Do you know what comes up? Not much. Stuff on Reaper's notation feature (which is not a DAW based on sheet music), and other similarly related things that aren't actually helpful to what I am looking for. I'm a professional musician (studio musician) with a degree in music composition. I am most comfortable working with music notation. A DAW based on notation would save me a lot of time by cutting out the middleman of having to use a notation software and a DAW. Somebody asking for a DAW based on notation probably knows how to read sheet music. Do you know what is helpful? @Dextastic mentioning Overture 5, which most of us had never heard of, and which seems to fit the bill closer than anything else. Asking a question on a forum brings a human element that interprets the question and answers in ways that google just simply doesn't. Do you know what wasn't helpful? You, at all. "Please use google if you want to use a DAW based on sheet music instead of a piano roll. It is too complicated to explain here, of all places. " I fail to see the relevance of this to the original thread. Nowhere ANYWHERE did the OP ask about a daw based around sheet music. I saw this comment and was curious if it existed so I started a new thread (see how the topic was different so I started a new thread?). Keep your bulllshit away from these discussions.
  2. I am currently working on my master's degree in jazz composition. My degree is a research based degree, in addition to being composition. My thesis material (and material for the classes) is mainly in the area of audio production. While mulling over a topic, I realized that there is not a lot of academic literature on modern audio production, and most of what I could find is far too technical to be practical for those outside of the target audience (sound engineers people working in the development side of audio). I also found that resources on the internet for audio production are really heavily saturated. However, a lot of these are very obviously geared toward pop and rock music. You can find thousands upon thousands of pages with more detail than you ever could want on how to record and mix vocals, guitars, drums, and bass. The amount of unique material I could find on how to record brass, woodwind and stringed instruments was much less, and usually went into much less detail. Beyond that, these were shoved into the rock or pop genre as well. For example, almost all brass recording information I could find is essentially variations on how to record a pop horn (trumpet+trombone+sax) section. So I aimed to take a stab at both. I started to compile sources and open dialogues with professional composers and engineers to make an intro guide to audio production aimed at young composers. While it is a compilation of basic techniques and tools used to produce audio, it is also a brief look at the standards placed upon composers in this area by clients in soundtrack work and also by publishers. My actual thesis, the big paper to graduate is a development document for an album of original music. I have composed all the music for this album, and will be recording and producing it with the guidance of several mix engineers, and documenting the whole process. If you are an experienced composer or audio producer, I would love to have your input. I have a short, 6 question survey to answer, that can then lead to further discussion. Please email me at if you are interested in contributing to my research!
  3. JohnStacy

    DAW based on sheet music?

    Actually Overture 5 looks pretty awesome. Very clean interface. I wonder if it has a number pad entry like Sib does If so I would totally consider switching over because I don't like dealing with AVID.
  4. JohnStacy

    DAW based on sheet music?

    I'm not actually looking for anything. I'm really happy with what I have (Write everything in Sibelius then record on live instruments in REAPER). This was a thought experiment to see if anything like this existed. Right, for mockups, I'm actually pretty satisfied with noteperformer and kind of wish there was more versatility there. For example, a cinematic orchestral mockup in noteperformer sounds pretty neat. A jazz big band mockup sounds laughably white bread. If I were to move over to samples for mockups I would have a hard time anyway because jazz samples aren't that great. How's Cubase? Reaper's is decent but seems to be aimed at output rather than input. It would. The point isn't to not use midi, the point is that there are quite a few people who aren't really that thrilled with using piano roll, and for the most part do all their writing in notation. Like...piano roll makes my blood boil because it's really clunky. All notation software works through midi, just with an interface that is much more friendly to people who have used notation their whole lives. It's kind of like somebody who is proficient at a professional level on a wind instrument using a piano that they are much less than mediocre at. DAWs are built around midi instruments, which are based on piano. This is fine, that's how they're designed. But if I could use my primary instrument for entering midi, good lord would my productivity skyrocket.
  5. JohnStacy

    To submit or not to submit

    That's fine. If somebody gives you feedback, it's up to you whether to apply it or not. If you post it and just ask "is this ready, curious, not willing to revise because reasons." people should honor that. Go ahead and post some things!
  6. JohnStacy

    To submit or not to submit

    There is a forum for this actually! You can post what you want to have evaluated in this forum and tag it "ready for review." There is a staff of people who can give a basic idea of readiness and also valuable feedback on their track. It can be somewhat slow (a week or two sometimes) but it works. Also, people not on the staff can chime in. I sometimes do that for orchestral/jazz which are the two things I am most proficient in.
  7. Spurred by a misunderstanding on another thread, I am kind of curious if this exists. Is there a daw that centers around notated music? I don't mean notation software (Finale, Sibelius, etc). Really more like, a DAW where entering midi data for synths/etc is managed primarily through a notation interface rather than centering around piano roll. I know of Logic, REAPER, and several others have a notation viewer/editor, but my understanding was that those were secondary and really for sending things to performers/collaborators. I do virtually no arranging work in a DAW. Everything I arrange is in Sibelius, purely through notation, then I export that midi to REAPER and go from there, usually with recorded instruments. I guess I'm really just curious if anybody has made a DAW primarily operated through notation. I'm over 99% sure that it doesn't really exist, because it would be heavily impractical and aimed at a somewhat niche market, as a good portion of people who would benefit don't really need it.
  8. JohnStacy

    What the Heck is that chord?

    Sounds to me like it's a minor major 7 chord, but voiced in a way where the major 7 and the tonic are right next to each other. Assuming it's in Bb minor, I don't have a pitch reference handy, that would be Bb, Db, (F may be omitted, hard to tell on my sound system), A, Bb. I might listen again later through headphones.
  9. Probably won't arrange anything, as the volume of arranging and composition work I've committed to over the next 6 months is somewhat overwhelming already. However, I do offer performance, arrangement/orchestration consultation and mixing. Performance: French horn (primary instrument, professional session musician). Alto, tenor, and bass trombones. Trumpet, flugelhorn, Euphonium, Tuba. I am proficient in both classical and jazz, but have played on many different projects in many different styles. If you want, I can take your idea and edit it to be most effective for the style you're going for.
  10. JohnStacy

    Having Trouble with FLStudio

    REAPER is $60. It has a piano roll. BTW Zircon kinda knows FL studio. I wouldn't argue. Also he wrote the tutorial on it.
  11. JohnStacy

    Having Trouble with FLStudio

    I don't know. I've never used anything else. I also don't use a piano roll, so double out of luck from me.
  12. JohnStacy

    Having Trouble with FLStudio

    No such thing as better. Better for different purposes, maybe. Better for different people, maybe. But not flat out better. I switched because I got a helluva deal on a not so old used gaming pc with a 12-core i7, so I had to switch away from Logic (mac only). I know plenty of people who get good use out of REAPER, and after using it, I actually found that it worked better for me since virtually nothing I do uses midi more complicated than low resource sample libraries (almost everything I do is live recorded instruments).
  13. JohnStacy

    Having Trouble with FLStudio

    I used Logic from 2010-2018, now REAPER.
  14. JohnStacy

    Having Trouble with FLStudio

    I think you just kind of want to rant, so I'll just say I've never used FL in any form, and after hearing so many people complain about it, that probably won't change.
  15. So a live performance is unlikely to happen. Maybe if you contacted the Game Music Ensemble at UCLA or the Gamer Symphonies in New England it could, but otherwise unlikely. BUT If a fan orchestral album does happen, I would gladly provide brass recording for that. I have worked with quite a few people in the VGM community doing orchestral brass sections. I think a project like this would be fun to record. I am an experienced orchestral brass musician, and this kind of thing is right up my alley.