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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon friends area (oceanic) remix


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Hi there, I've been working on some remixes and have picked up music again after a long time due to life/health reasons etc. and I'm enjoying myself so far :) 

I'd like to get some feedback on this remix I've prepared, and I've got a couple more ideas as well so I'm hoping I can have some luck with getting some of my mixes accepted.


Friends Area Oceanic

It's a very atmospheric and minimal take as the source material is not particularly melodic or complex, and as it stands I'm not sure how the arrangement stands in terms of OCRemix standards, but my idea was to create an atmospheric soundscape that reflects the physical environment/theme of the area. Though I'm quite happy in terms of the progress I've made with sound design and creating cool sounds and that I've been able to create from the things that have inspired me :)

Some things I'm aware of and would like to work on:

  • The mixing was honestly a mess and this and other mixes were made in a way I wouldn't do now. However, I'm determined to salvage it because I quite like the overall idea.
  • minimal references to source material - I can easily find space to insert more of the main motifs from the source, they were mostly left out due to muddiness and to create a clean aesthetic, I didnt want to overwhelm the general synth ideas I had (that water-sounding granular pad) as I wanted to give it room to breathe.
  • bass - I think I'll replace the bass as atm it's a basic sine sub. I couldn't get it to fit very well at all. I took the volume down because it was drowning out, but now it's too quiet.
  • punchy snare - I kind of went with this snare so its sitting, but it sort of fits for me, so I've kind of left it. Like I said I'm mostly trying to salvage the ideas here so I don't know how much I'm going to rework things.
  • drum variation - this can be fixed easily with a little work, but I'd like to see if i'm going in the right direction first!

That's all for now, I'm worried it might be a little "light" for OCRemix as I wasn't really creating it with anything in mind other than something that sounded good, but I think it has a sort of relaxed ambient kind of vibe that sounds quite nice, as that is the kind of music that most influences me, please let me know what you think!


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Hey there, this is definitely salvageable. Some cool ideas, great vibe and cohesive sound design overall. Like you say, the mixing is a bit of a mess, but you seem to have listened to it with a fresh ear and identified key areas you need to work on. Quite a lot of high frequency content here that could be better EQd, and some extra width to the soundscape would be nice.

Personally I just love when the groove comes in - you've got this lovely ambient soundscape built up, and then the groove slides in effortlessly and brings it all together. I don't even mind the punchy snare too much, but do see if you can switch it up for something a little tighter. Maybe just layer something on top, and dial back the volume of this one. I also like the idea of a few more drum fills/patterns, but definitely keep the groove you've got going and don't overdo it.

Looking forward to hearing it with all those tweaks you mentioned. Nice job!

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