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  1. This is just an astonishing remix, so immersive and emotive, with such depth and a clear progression to it. The climax at 4:35 is so well navigated to that it gives me goosebumps when the harsher building sound is replaced with those beautiful, warm, swelling strings. It feels much shorter than 5 minutes, probably due to the level of detail and attention that's gone into the sound design and atmosphere. There are so many bits of "ear candy" to listen out for, and SFX woven in seamlessly and tastefully to instantly evoke memories of the game. It's a MASTAPEECE
  2. Sir_NutS and DKC! What a combo. I love everything about this remix, the synth work, the gating, the beat chops, and the overall energy level gets me so hyped! It's busy but really well mixed too which allows the detail to be heard. I think this'll be a fan favourite given how close it is to the source, which as a fellow Fear Factory remixer, I can confirm is superb.
  3. You're welcome! Thanks for all the nice comments, I'm really pleased with how this track turned out.
  4. This remix is a real journey - the 3 sections are clearly defined, but like DJP says in his writeup, the transitions are so adept that nothing feels forced or jarring. From what I've heard about the game (still yet to play it), emotions play a huge part of it, and the expert sound design allows for a completely immersive experience whilst listening to this. Comparisons to Theophany's work are justified completely - both artists have that ability to arrest your attention and leave you enthralled for the duration of their music. It's beautiful, melancholic, intense, and a fantastic tribute to the original.
  5. Epic remix here! Loads of nostalgia, and I'm glad you kept it cinematic and yet still stamped your own mark on the themes. Now I'm off to find Mankrik's wife and heal WC...
  6. Hey, welcome to the boards! Glad to hear you're using your quarantine time to make music, isn't it satisfying? You've picked an absolute classic source to have a go at remixing, and it's not a bad effort at all. There are a few standard beginner issues with the mixing, such as the overly-loud white noise pad in the beginning, and slightly too dry drums. For the most part, it's pretty conservative in arrangement, but that part at 2:11 took me by surprise with its brilliance - is that a tribute to Zora's domain? Inspired transition there! It's a shame that it's not revisited again and expanded on later in the remix, but that's definitely the kind of thing that makes tracks interesting and OCR looks for. As it is, I think you'd struggle to pass the judges' panel based on the conservative nature of the remix, but I enjoyed listening to it, and it's definitely impressive for a first work. Keep learning!
  7. Sounds lovely! Had to turn my volume up a fair bit to match it to other tracks I'd been listening to, so maybe you could push the volume a little more to hear those nice samples better. Then again, the loudness war sucks, so
  8. Ohhh, this is brilliant! Great tension in the intro, the guitar and strings give it a sort of Godfather vibe. I love it, and that part at 1:50 doesn't bother me any more (it's still quite a long intro but I'll let you off). There's just one tiny detail that made me think there was a knock at my door whilst listening in headphones - I think it's something to do with the attack on your piano. It's there for a while before 3:25 but I really noticed it from that point. Maybe try rolling off the low end of the reverb on that attack a little bit more. Anyway, that's about all I could find to improve it, so I'll say awesome job, and try setting it to 'ready for review' for someone else to give you some feedback before submitting. Cool to see you improving so much - this is a lot better than your Marble Zone remix!
  9. Hey there Jolly, I like how you leave previous versions up so we can compare. Right off the bat I'd say I prefer the Spanish guitar as an instrument choice over the piano. It sounds a lot more natural - the piano sounds very rigid, as do the plucked strings. The overall loudness in the original version is also lower, adding to the suspenseful buildup which I vastly prefer over the WIP 3 version - sorry! For me, the first 30 seconds are way better in the first version. From 0:45 in the WIP 3 it starts getting much better though, despite me still wishing you'd kept that Spanish guitar. Nice build to 1:50 but 1:50-2:06 seems like you could delete it and not miss it from the arrangement. I'd like that beat to kick in after the build, and it seems like those 16 seconds are unnecessarily teasing. When the beat does come in though it's absolutely my favourite section of the track. You said you find it hard to program drums in 3/4, and what it feels like here is you've tried to do a 4/4 style beat in a 3/4 project. That might not be the easiest thing to do, but the result is this really rhythmically interesting composition that has me trying to work out the time signature. There's a nice break 2:44-3:15 with some more good synth work, and then that cool polyrhythm kicks back in for a bit. Man, I could listen to those bits all day. Solid outro with some nice textural effects and a gritty timbre to finish it off. OK to summarise, try taking the first 30 seconds of the original one (hope you saved the file!), keep the guitar instead of the piano/plucks, and then pretty much leave the rest as it is. Would love to hear you finish this one off, it's got a lot of potential.
  10. Hey, welcome to the boards! This is great! Really rich textures and timbres from all the world instruments, and a graceful yet urgent pace to the song. Definitely evokes a dance in the forest, like some ancient springtime ritual. Have you submitted this?
  11. In short - yes! Here's the source, for anyone interested: I really like the textures and detail in the percussion, and you've got some good synths working in the mix. It's a good groove, and it's mixed such that you can push the compression to give it that loud, industrial sound without it becoming muddy or grating to the ears. I'd say it could perhaps do with a little more dynamic range to accentuate the drops and chorus sections, and personally I'd like some more exploration of a stronger melody line, but what you have here is solid and well produced, with enough variation to keep me interested throughout. Nice job, good luck with the judges
  12. Mm, this is absolutely beautiful. Nice review from The Damned, I agree with everything. Would love to hear more Pokémon music done like this.
  13. Just now discovering this! I played this game as a kid - it was released as "Cosmic Spacehead" in the UK, which is why it's flown under my radar so long. Really nice flow to the song, and a big nostalgia trip for me. 1/10 not techno enough
  14. Ha! I'm getting a reputation, eh? Same here dude. I'm procrastinating by leaving feedback on these boards Just copy/paste the URL to your track, it automatically embeds. Leave it a few seconds when you're writing your message and you'll see it come up.
  15. Honest feedback, eh? Let's have a listen... OK the intro could do with either being shorter by about 50 seconds, or making those first 50 seconds build better and create more of an interesting soundscape/atmosphere. When the claps come in at 1:02 they sound super thin and don't suit the other sounds at all. I like the vocal pad and the chopping you've done to it, and things really start to get good when that bass arp comes in. Really weak plucks for the melody line, but I love the background glitchy effects you've got going on there with the other pluck at 1:47. Glitch/beat repeat effects are used well later on too. Where did the snare/clap go after the first verse? Ah, 2:51-3:22! I know I said I didn't like the clap, but you gotta get a snare in there somewhere, especially for the final drop. That hihat is also way too loud in the mix, and so static in terms of velocity and panning that it begins to grate towards the end of the track. Kick is nice and punchy though. Interesting jazz flute sound towards the end, as well - sounds a bit like a half-idea at the moment. I'd say either double down on it and bring it into a proper lead, or switch it out for a more synthetic sound. It's a decent start, but the arrangement and instrumentation needs some work. You've got a great foundation with the kick, bass arp, vocal pad, some nice plucks in the build, and good use of glitch effects to add some detail. I'd say work on the atmosphere a bit more, adding more detail and variation to your sounds. I'd like to hear more from that vocal pad, which is really nice, and definitely some better lead synths. That clap can probably be saved by layering it and dropping it down in the mix, maybe less reverb, but you may as well try different samples as well. There isn't much build and transition between sections, especially for the final chorus at about 3:22 - you want that to be the focal point of your track that everything has been building to, so make it count and save your best stuff for this section. Hope you improve this one, as I'd like to hear more!
  16. Mm, nice and chilled cover. By far the best part is the guitar playing, especially the embellishments from 3:02, but the synth backing is solid and allows the guitar to shine.
  17. Maybe it has to be a full youtube url, not shortened? Source: Hmmm, listening to your version next to the source, it's a decent cover, but given that you've chosen to use FM sounds and cover it in the same style, it doesn't add much. It's always going to be a challenge when you make a cover in this way. Still, it's a good learning experience. Are you committed to an FM style, or would you consider making a more liberal arrangement with more modern synths and production?
  18. Kinda reminds me of this KLF tune, at least the riff at that point, not the weird video...
  19. Hey, great to see you tackling this theme 12 years after requesting it! Love the organ here, it sounds great. I'm not sure about the synths - although there is side-to-side panning in the original source, it's on a pad texture, and it's a really disorienting feeling to put that side-to-side effect on the bass synth. Once the panning stops at 0:53 it sounds a whole lot better. I like to use a similar fat sawtooth sound for a lot of my bass sounds, but you definitely don't want to be panning it like that. I'm pretty surprised you've got this kind of sound out of GarageBand, but I think in order to elevate it to the next level, you really need a better DAW to get into the finer details of mixing. Also, a fadeout ending? Boooo!
  20. Link doesn't seem to work, but I found it on Spotify. Original source here: I've taken a break from OCR for a few years, but one thing I noticed when I came back recently was how high the standards are these days. With that in mind, I'd say your mix would have had a good chance of making it on to OCR some years ago, but I think there are some fixes you could make to it that would give it a much better shot nowadays. I'll be extra critical because you've marked it as 'ready for review'. That arp that is present for the majority of the mix reminds me of bLiNd's Dance Nation track from 2009, but listening to them side by side you can clearly hear the difference in mixing quality. Now I know bLiNd is pretty much the gold standard in mixing, but your mix does seem excessively limited in the stereo field, as well as very muddy - could be a reverb issue? Comparing it to the original source tune as well, your mix sounds a bit too distant and not as clean. At 6:19 in length, for me there wasn't enough variation in sound design and arrangement to justify the last 2 minutes. The drop at 3:14 felt like it was leading into the final chorus for me, however the build was pretty weak and exposed some of the mixing issues I mentioned earlier. I would say that in its current state, it would get rejected on those grounds, however I am neither a judge nor a workshop moderator, so take what I say with a grain of salt! I hope you can see areas you could improve this track, and maybe give it a revamp for OCR.
  21. Whoa, this is so much cleaner! Really like all the tweaks you've made to this. The pitchbends, the little extra detail in the break sections, the cleaner kick and bass, nice risers and auxiliary percussion. Everything sounds really spacious and has its own place within the mix. There are still a few minor tweaks I'd make personally to the overall master, but at this point it's just a personal taste thing so I'll just say well done, and good luck if you decide to submit. Great job on this, it's come a long way!
  22. Looks like between you and TAIKOI, we've got a load of rock themes covered! That run at 1:34... nice
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