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I have been itching to work on another arrangement for what feels like an eternity, thankfully now that I'm finishing up with Uni I've finally had the time!

Here's an orchestral arrangement of the opening music to Undertale; Once Upon a Time.

The samples used are predominately from Spitfire's BBCSO, as well as Heavyocity's Forzo for brass, VI Labs Ravenscroft 275 Piano, Spitfire LABS music box, and for percussion I used a mix of Albion One and HZ Percussion.

I'd love to know what you think and of course any critique is always welcome :)

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25 minutes ago, DarkSim said:

Sounds lovely! Had to turn my volume up a fair bit to match it to other tracks I'd been listening to, so maybe you could push the volume a little more to hear those nice samples better. Then again, the loudness war sucks, so :tomatoface:

Thanks! Yeah I decided to got for a more dynamic mix, I think I was taking about 3dB off on both the master compression and limiter. I was originally compressing it a fair bit more, both in mix and master, but I felt it was too squashed and pulled it back. 


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