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Numbness & Knives "fix/update"


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Can I update the Silent Hill 2 Numbness & Knives submission that was posted last October?   https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03996

I noticed a clicking sound in a pad at 0:24, 0:33 etc and it really bothered me, (edit) but I somehow missed it before...maybe shittier sound setup at the time.  So I EQ'd it out in a little update.

Unfortunately the FL voice-clips that I had midway and at the ending went missing, seemingly when I updated FL Studio 20.  Not sure, but I think the speechsynth is gone too.  If that is a deal-breaker for an update, maybe I can grab some other speech synth.  But I doubt that was what got this track posted.  Lol. 

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