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Mischief Makers - Opening Title (Semantic Remix)

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Hello guys,

I started with a remix of the opening theme from an old n64 game called "Mischief Makers" (Very nice game btw).

Well I think, that I made good progress until now and i tried to keep the heart from the original.

So let me know what u think about it :).


Mischief Makers - Opening Title (Semantic Remix):



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I love Mischief Makers, and I hate Synthwave, so let's see how this goes....


First thing I notice is that it's really quiet. Some mastering/multiband compression/maximization/whatever would help this a lot.

Low end feels really empty. The only thing that sort of occupies the low end is the kick, and even that feels a bit thin. I hear a bass synth that feels like it should be filling out the low-end.... might just be my headphones, but it doesn't seem to really do it.

Arrangement is repetitive and straightforward.

Gonna be honest: this seems like a respectable early foray into music production, but doesn't seem like something that's destined to be posted. It's too conservative in the arrangement and too quiet in the production.

Don't be discouraged though!

First thing I'd focus on is making the bass more interesting. I can totally imagine this track forming the foundation under which a rippin' bass solo would run.

Second thing I'd focus on is making the percussion more varied and more interesting. Right now, it's just a thin repetitive loop, but some slicing and dicing (and punchier samples) could really liven this up!

Kudos for mixing this criminally-underappreciated game

DISCLAIMER: I have literally never heard a synthwave track that I liked, so take what I say here with a grain of salt

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Hey Geoffrey,

thanks for your detailed feedback, i got the most of your points :).

First of all, the track is in wip status so mostly mixdown mastering things i do when the track is completed.

But i try to keep the other words in my head when i work further on this track.

So thanks again for your feedback. With something like that i can work with :).

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