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  1. Hello Guys, i wanted to show you my latest synthwave track :). What do you think about it? Do you see space for improvements?
  2. Hey Emunator, thank you for your great and very helpful feedback :). So, i tried directly to fix the points you mentioned (still not all yet). I removed the old samples, like the hihats (i dont know why i used that). Next i played a little more with the sidechain effect, i used it before, but definitely not in the way it should be used. So great thanks for that nice tutorial, that helped me a lot i think. I don't know if i use it correctly now, what do you think? At least i added more details to the background and changed the ending, but with that i'm actually not really happy, maybe i got i nice idea in the future. So thank you again for your feedback, this is exactly the the feedback that i want :). I think i want to submit this someday, but i'm not really sure about that, because it's not easy to change this nice original melody ;). What do you think, am i on a good way or not?
  3. Hey, i'm a big fan of the street fight series and this is one of my favorites too. It's sounds very interesting to me, something that i like (The bassline is very nice). I'm not sure if it has enough reverb, but that is my opinion. I'm not sure about the timing like djpretzel wrote before, but generelly i think it's a nice track (it's something to that i would listen). So good work :).
  4. Hey PadreMulk thank you for your very helpful feedback, i added some more variation to the percussion, but i want to keep it more decent. So, I think i'm almost done now. What do you think, has it enough variaton now? How it sounds technically for you, should i improve anything (more bass or something like that)? I would be grateful for feedback as always ;).
  5. Hey Guys, i've a little update for you, i worked further on this track and i added some new details to it. I think i've to work more on the percussion and stuff. Let me know what you think about it :).
  6. Hey Geoffrey, thanks for your detailed feedback, i got the most of your points :). First of all, the track is in wip status so mostly mixdown mastering things i do when the track is completed. But i try to keep the other words in my head when i work further on this track. So thanks again for your feedback. With something like that i can work with :).
  7. Hello guys, I started with a remix of the opening theme from an old n64 game called "Mischief Makers" (Very nice game btw). Well I think, that I made good progress until now and i tried to keep the heart from the original. So let me know what u think about it :). Mischief Makers - Opening Title (Semantic Remix): https://soundcloud.com/semanticdj/mischief-makers-opening-title-semantic-remix
  8. Hello guys, i made my own interpretation of a battle theme for an rpg like "Final Fantasy" for example. The beginning is inspired from "Donkey Country 2 - Welcome To Crocodile Isle". I still don't know how this piece should end, but i hope you will like it :). https://soundcloud.com/zoda/open-your-mind-battle-theme-wip
  9. Thanks for your great feedback, that helps me a lot. I will try to improve my work with the things you mentioned :).
  10. Hello guys, because Donkey Kong Country 2 is one of my favorite SNES games, i tried to make a remix from my favorite song called "Forest Interlude". I'm not completly happy with the result, so let me know what u think about it . UPDATE:
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