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Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Prelude


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 Hi everyone!

Here's a new piece just completed - an Orchestral Prelude of the Main Themes from Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, combined into one single arrangement. The physical, combative and martial element as well as the hype these fantastic games produce, by virtue of being as close to the ultimate crossover as one can get, are just ideal for Orchestral arrangements, and can be manipulated to convey any and every emotion under the sun. The competitive atmosphere is what I have tried to capture in this arrangement, and hope I have done that justice! from Super Smash Bros Ultimate by Hideki Sakamoto.  If ever they play music at a SSB eSporting event, I hope they choose this, as it was written with that in mind!

Original Music by Hideki Sakamoto, visuals are in-game cutscenes.  Enjoy! 


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Overall I liked many of the component sections, but I felt that generally the melodies were repeated verbatim too many times throughout. I hoped that we'd get to hear more examples of taking motifs and snippets of the themes and combining/modifying them in a development section.

  • I really enjoyed the opening fanfare (:17 to :37), which was very dramatic and led me to set very high expectations.
  • I enjoyed the way the Brawl theme snuck in around 1:30. I think this interplay could be leaned on a bit more elsewhere too!
  • The transition at 2:00 felt a bit weak/sudden; there wasn't much leadup to it, and it clashed a bit with both what came before it and the subsequent segue into the Brawl theme.
  • 3:07-3:11 -- I really liked this deviation from the original Ultimate line.

All in all, some condensation and variation would spice it up, but well done!

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