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  1. Really enjoyed this! I'm not totally sold on the ending (except the little arpeggio at the end, that was wonderful) which came a bit suddenly, but maybe that's because I was hoping to hear even more of the track
  2. Overall I liked many of the component sections, but I felt that generally the melodies were repeated verbatim too many times throughout. I hoped that we'd get to hear more examples of taking motifs and snippets of the themes and combining/modifying them in a development section. I really enjoyed the opening fanfare (:17 to :37), which was very dramatic and led me to set very high expectations. I enjoyed the way the Brawl theme snuck in around 1:30. I think this interplay could be leaned on a bit more elsewhere too! The transition at 2:00 felt a bit weak/sudden; there wasn't
  3. I really enjoy the harpsichord-y Baroque-esque take on the theme, e.g. the end section starting at 1:52 -- I think it really suits the melody and would love to hear a more fully-developed fugue on it or something. Overall, quite a fun (maybe eclectic) little track you've put together!
  4. Very fun arrangement! A few aspects felt a little bit off to me, but overall I quite enjoyed listening! At 0:59, the instrument that carries the B(?) melody sticks out because it sounds thinner than everything else we've heard; all of the other instruments sound (impressively) like typical orchestral instruments, but this one sounds like an oddly-processed saxophone, or something. At 3:03 and through several sections to the end, the rhythm in the timpani sounds a bit jarring. I enjoy 3+3+2, but personally I don't feel that it fits into the "Russian folk" style. I could be wrong!
  5. This was really entertaining and a really interesting take on the source! I would personally have enjoyed it more if I didn't have a bias against hip-hop/rap backing tracks (which this was unfortunately reminiscent to me of), but the track is really well-crafted and surprisingly relaxed/calm for all its strangeness :D
  6. The only thing that stuck out to me was the intonation and timing on the flute, especially in the earlier parts of the track. I really, really enjoyed the rest of it!
  7. Dang, that sounded quite difficult! A few thoughts: Either your microphone or my crappy earbuds (or YouTube's encoding?) did not really capture the low notes very well. I wonder if there are better spots for breaths -- honestly I'm already pretty impressed at how few breaths you took but they really do stand out a lot Your note transitions sound very clean, intonation is quite good except a few bits where you seem to stretch a bit hard at the higher notes. I like your tone!
  8. This sounds intriguing but your link appears to be broken! edit: aha, fixed your link from "https://youtube.be/SDR39fhyZRI" to "https://youtu.be/SDR39fhyZRI"
  9. I'm going to use the checklist, since I'm 100% a beginner on this. Seeing a post with no comments makes me sad though, and makes me worried about my own future prospects (... when I actually finish my attempt at an arrangement and then at recording...), so here's an effort at some feedback! ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION I'm not familiar with the source, can't speak on this! PRODUCTION [ ] Low-quality samples: The main thing that stuck out in this regard is the trumpet synth, especially where it is super in-your-face around 2:00; as one of the more "realistic" instruments yo
  10. I think probably not. Even if he is using digital tools to touch it up, he's probably working with rather good raw material anyways... It is really hard to take not-so-good audio and patch it up to sound great, as far as I recall.
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