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Hello! My name is Andrew and I'm working on a techno project that's largely influenced by video game soundtracks from the 90s and early 00s, namely Fluid for the PS1, Tetrisphere for the N64, and a few later games like Jet Set Radio and F-Zero GX. 

I've been having a lot of fun with this project but I've really fallen in love with the low quality, spacey element of that era of video game soundtracks, and I can't seem to recreate that sound quite the way I'd like with the tools I have. 

Does anyone have any leads on VSTs, or sample packs even, that might be in line with music for that era? Even just info on the synths used to make the original soundtracks might be helpful. I'm looking particularly for samples similar to the drum machine a lot of games on 5th generation consoles use, such as this:


Also any leads on good atmospheric pads that are reminiscent of that era would be super helpful! 

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This is not a drum machine, it's one of 'amen breaks' sample.
About synths - one of them in your video: basic saw waveshape and band filter. 'Drive' knob to maximum, 'Res' knob about 70% and rotate 'Cutoff' knob for making magic :)  For better result you may add some distortion but it not necessary.
Pads - same saw and about 8 unison voices (for making SUPERsaw he) and lowpass filter.

You may do it with ANY modern VSTi. (I used Serum)
Hope this helps.



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