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Genesis (Orchestral Opening Theme)


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I think it's pretty nice; reminds me of Threads of Fate in a way, but with a more Eastern vibe. It might be a little too subdued for an opening theme, though. To me, it has the lighter, more atmospheric sound of background music. It seems like it's building up to something when the percussion comes in around 0:29, but right at 0:46 it feels like it looses steam because the beat changes to more of a slow march. You might also want to give the horns and bass drums a little more power around that point, then you can ease up as the song reaches it's end. Then, at the very end, let the final notes linger a bit longer and slowly fade out.

Those are my recommendations as an amateur, anyway. Of course, I don't know what this is supposed to be an opening for, so maybe this fits better with what you're imagining.

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