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  1. I made this as an opening theme song for a cartoon that doesn't exist, though I'd like to animate the title sequence someday when I've got the time. I wanted it to have that "anime adventures in a highly advanced, ancient, mythical civilization" feel, similar to Grandia or Made in Abyss. I'd like to get some feedback on the general sound and production quality, and also any other tips or recommendations people might have. https://youtu.be/s3Xdnfk69jE
  2. I think it's pretty nice; reminds me of Threads of Fate in a way, but with a more Eastern vibe. It might be a little too subdued for an opening theme, though. To me, it has the lighter, more atmospheric sound of background music. It seems like it's building up to something when the percussion comes in around 0:29, but right at 0:46 it feels like it looses steam because the beat changes to more of a slow march. You might also want to give the horns and bass drums a little more power around that point, then you can ease up as the song reaches it's end. Then, at the very end, let the final notes
  3. Oh... The thing is, I actually got a little impatient and went ahead and submitted it... oops! I can always try and resubmit later, but I'm really glad you responded. These are some good tips that I'll definitely try to implement. Thanks.
  4. Cool to hear a monster hunter remix. I've watched a lot of gameplay videos, but never really paid attention to the music. Overall I think what you've got is pretty great. I see what you mean about the cello part. As far as the melody and timing goes, I think it really works. It gives a little break in the tension, like a palette cleanser before it kicks up again and we get into the final part of the piece. I just think the particular string sound you're using sounds a little cheap in comparison to everything else, no offense. The remix also seems to stop too abruptly. I bet a killer finale wou
  5. I'm with Ryoji on this one. I'm certainly not as experienced as other remixers on the site, but I know what I like. You've got high energy arps and that nice crunchy bass that i can't get enough of. Keep it up!
  6. Good stuff! It has a sort of haunting, ethereal quality to it, which sets it apart from other zanarkand remixes I've heard. I'd like to hear you expand upon this a little more and see how far you can take a remix like this. My only criticism is just a little bit of peaking here and there, which may just be because of youtube's video quality. I honestly wouldn't know.
  7. Your Dark Souls remixes have always been appreciated. You've arranged a lot of powerful pieces and I've downloaded just about every one I could find. Thanks, and good luck on your future endeavors.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Which lead were you referring to, exactly? Since I got new headphones, I noticed that there was a really high frequency humming accompanying the main lead I'm using throughout most of the song. I couldn't hear it before, but it might have been causing some of the strange volume peaking that I tried to fix with a little compression. I'll see what I can do about adjusting eq's.
  9. Not bad. I'm really no expert, but I think you could improve it a little more by pumping up the percussion some more. That'd give a stronger impact to the piece. You might also try raising the tempo just a bit, but that's up to preference. Overall I like it. With a few adjustments, I think you'll have a real solid remix.
  10. So This is the most recent version. I think it's at a point where I'd consider submitting it. I'd just like to get some final feedback and confirmation. My biggest concern is just that my remix might sound too stiff and mechanical (like as far as the beat and timing). Does it need a bit of humanization? I can't really tell if it does, myself. And if it does, I'm not sure how to go about properly fixing it. Any help at all is appreciated! Sources: http://earthbound.wikia.com/wiki/Mind_of_a_Thief?file=MOTHER_3-_Mind_of_a_Thief http://earthbound.wikia.com/wiki/Going_Alone?f
  11. Thanks a lot for your input. I was a little unsure about the drums, but now I think I'll replace them. If that's the biggest issue, then I'm feeling pretty confident in this remix. Thanks for sharing the song, too. It was one I'd overlooked, but I absolutely love WillRock's style and I try to download whatever of his I can find. BTW, I'm a big fan of yours too.
  12. Glad you like it. I plan on incorporating Gentle Rain and And Then There Were None as part of this later on, since they're so similar. Hopefully I can polish it enough to submit to the judges. Duster's theme has always been one of my favorite songs in the entire series. Honestly, it was the music that got me so interested in trying out the Mother series, and Mother 3's soundtrack is so expansive and rich, especially for a gameboy advance game.
  13. Right, so I've been working on this remix of Duster's theme, Mind of a Thief from Mother 3. Its still pretty early on in development, I guess, but I wanted to get some feedback on how the audio quality is. After listening to it so much myself, I need other people to let me know how it really sounds. I still need practice with adjusting EQ's appropriately and all that mastering stuff. And I wonder if some of the instruments (the bass and strings) sound too fake, since all of them are synthesized or sampled. Aside from that, any other guidance would be very much appreciated, particularly in
  14. Now here's a song that needs a good remix. I'd really love to hear a grand orchestral arrangement it with a bit of metal edge. You could just go full metal, or anything else, really. I don't mind much. There are lots of possibilities with this track in terms of style, so if you wanna remix it, go wild. Here's the source:
  15. I haven't seen a remix of a Gen 5 Pokemon game yet, but I think this would be a great source to start with: Honestly I'd remix it myself, but I'm not nearly skilled enough to do the song justice. What I'd like to hear is kind of a slightly aggressive, grungy interpretation, keeping in line with the slower jazz tone of the original, but adding a kind of rock edge to it. Instrumentation wise, I really like the bass and guitar accompaniment in this song, and I would like a remix to focus on and enhance those parts. You could add saxophone or a lead guitar in some parts. Its really
  16. This song is a ton of fun. Why isn't this a common style in popular music? Who wouldn't want to dance to something so goofy?
  17. World's best grandpa indeed! This was a pleasure to listen to. I tend to associate sounds with textures, and to me, each instrument in this arrangement seems to have its own fantastically rustic, earthy, slightly rusty and dusty feeling. The overall simplicity of the piece brings about an odd sense of nostalgia for me.
  18. Ok, so here's my latest remix from Sonic the Hedgehog 4. It's a mix of Lost Labyrinth Zone, Acts 1, 2, and 3. I actually salvaged this from an old, sub-par, western style remix of mine and made it into more of an electronic dance piece. The majority of the song is Act 1, with small parts of Act 2 coming in at around 1:17 and 2:18. Act 3 is added in for the remainder of the song at 3:07. You can listen to it here: http://tindeck.com/listen/admxa And these are links to the source material: - Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 1: - Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2: - Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3:
  19. Saw this on starmen.net. An excellent take on a gorgeous song. Even though it's very conservative, that's not a bad thing. You've enhanced an already great piece of source material, and you started adding more variation at around 0:44. I just wish it were longer, but what you have is really beautiful.
  20. AFTER TEN-THOUSAND YEARS, I HAVE RETURNED!!! Man, it's been a while. I've been so busy lately with work and job searching, but that aside, I've addressed pretty much all the concerns expressed, adjusting the EQ and such, and I think my remix is 99% complete. However, there may be some slight issues I've overlooked. http://tindeck.com/listen/eulyz If there's nothing seriously wrong, I'll be ready to take my chances with the judges. This piece has come a long way since its inception, so thanks!
  21. Thanks a ton for helping with this. I've been looking over your changes and adjusting my file accordingly. It really helps to have something like this as a guideline to follow. I don't really know why I had all those compressors. I guess I should really learn how to use those before adding them to everything. I'll probably post the updated remix in a few days, but I have a lot on my plate right now. Hopefully I'm on my way to a polished final product.
  22. Yeah, I had a lot of things panned and I know my EQ needs a lot of adjustment. Thanks a lot for taking time to look at this. I really appreciate that. There are a few things to note about how stuff is set up 'cause I've been using the demo of Harmor, a soundfont I found somewhere, and a custom GMS instrument, but I'll have a readme file thing to give you the specifics. Everything is right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zua6ojhq6kf9ucj/Remix%20Stuffs.zip?dl=0 Thanks again.
  23. Yeah, I totally get the centering the kick thing. I actually did forget about centering a secondary kick I had, but when I did, it interfered with the bass. After messing with the EQ and stuff I decided to just get rid of that extra kick. Here's the revised piece: http://tindeck.com/listen/pqeny and this is the previous one: http://tindeck.com/listen/jlmpz I actually noticed a few weird things going on with the bass at about 2:07, so I'll try to clean that up. Like I said before, I didn't have a clear direction in mind when I started this piece. I basically just built it up from the bass a
  24. Well, here's the newer version with bass, snare, and kick centered: http://tindeck.com/listen/jlmpz as opposed to the previous version, here: http://tindeck.com/listen/eakcj I had the kick and bass panned to try and avoid overlapping the EQ, but I guess since they're sidechained now, it's not such a big deal. As far as style and genre goes, I didn't exactly have a clear vision of the final product in mind when I started. I did want it to sound exciting, but also somewhat laid back so I thought using the drums in hip-hop style would be appropriate. Honestly, I think the contrast betw
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