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Trying out the Vtuber thing...

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I wasn't entirely sure where else to put this, but since it involves content creation and getting stuff put together I thought maybe this might be the place.

Basically, it's been a long time since I used to post here regularly but as I'm getting started on a channel devoted to making people laugh and smile, primarily by being bad at videogames and pretty vocal about it (lol), it occurred to me that I should reach out to people who have supported me in the past or whom helped me through rough times, whether they realize it or not. Especially when things didn't actually stop working so much as we just wound up having to spend time elsewhere. I wanted to make a post not just about the channel existing, though... I also wanted to ask you guys if any of you cared to have some of your music in my videos from time to time. OCR has been a source of amazing remixing talent I've known of for... 15? 20 years now? I'm not even sure, it's been so long since the site was blue and orange themed and had side bars and silly stuff like that. ...I'm not going to ramble, I do plenty of talking in the video. No harm done if you're not interested either, it honestly just feels good to reach out.


P.S.- Mods if I didn't post this in a good location please feel free to move it and I apologize. 

P.S.S - Davinci, WHY IN THE WORLD did you mute this one video?! -pull on hair- Sorry guys, that's what happens when I decide it's time to make personalized videos on a  whim. Fixing this today - Rookie Bowsy

Much love, The Pirate Queen

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...Resolve, why, WHY in the world would you suppress the audio?! WHY?!
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