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Plains of Forever


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So a little back story,

Back in 2006, I became involved with a radio play called "Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements" as a voice actor for both Lucius Van Sephirot and Zaniel Vesta. As the series evolved, so did my involvement to where I wrote a Rock Orchestral main theme for the production.

As the IP matured further (now into an upcoming video game), in 2016, I created a new website for the production with this very song playing as the site's background music.

"Plains of Forever" still remains as one of my all time favorite orchestrations, and while I wasn't able to pull up the main session, I was able to do sort of a two track remaster to make the mix tighter and sit better overall!
The song takes specific motif's from the original rock version called "Lands of Forever", and blends them into a grand epic orchestral production.

Hope you enjoy this KEY JAY original!
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