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2021XX - A free album inspired by the music of Mega Man X (and Zero)


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Hey everyone!  In December I'll be releasing an album called 2021XX.  The music on this album is inspired by the awesome music and overall experience of playing the Mega Man X series.  The album features 2 other musicians, MajinBlue and Ryan T, as well as some phenomenal artwork from Algibraic, Togeshiro Azami, and EternalComposer.

The album started as a free exercise in which I composed theme songs for people (for free) in the classic MMX style - using original synths heard in the SNES titles.

I plan to trickle some uploads to my YouTube channel, and then a full official within the month of December.  There's no official date set as of right now, but it'll certainly be before the new year.

The entire album will be completely free to stream and download.  I'll have it up on YouTube, Bandcamp and SoundCloud for listening and downloading.


I know this forum is a bit niche, but I thought you lot might be able to appreciate this.

Here is a little announcement video, complete with corny cheesy scrolling text, and previews of some of the music.



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