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  1. whoop whoop, another festive album! Always a joy to contribute and hear everyone else's work.
  2. Play that Samus Appears fanfare and put me on team Metroid!!
  3. I'm bout 80% done with the Ice Stage normal. I can do the critical of ice stage too.
  4. *Staggering out of foggy internet cave with undone tie and pizza-stained-shirt* I'm in for the last hurrah! Composing for PRC was a great experience and I really appreciate the community for making little events like this, it was great to mingle with other artists, so thanks to Bundeslang and everyone else involved with running this!
  5. I'd love to join this project, Tetris Attack is a childhood favorite of mine. I'd happily start with Bumpity or Garganta Blargg if they're available, but will gladly take any other track that's up for grabs.
  6. I'm cutting it way too close, but I got something finished.
  7. So many strange memories resurfacing of this game, and I love it.
  8. Man I loved this game. This'll be fun to work with.
  9. Everytime I work on this song, I feel the strongest temptation to mix other Baroque-style VG songs into it, like Dancing Madly or something.
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