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  1. Almost two year later update. After getting FL studio 20 and plugins, I eventually recreated this project from scratch with way higher quality samples. And extended it a good bit. This is mainly just self assurance that I've improved since first posting here.
  2. I'm an amateur music maker and long time fan of OCR. After a few months of learning to use a free software for songs, I wanted to try and contribute to the prestigious world of game songs. This number comes from Freedom Planet, a great retro-style game with an inspiring soundtrack. This was made on Soundtrap.com starting with a MIDI file. The first half is pretty faithful to the original, then I improvised more for the second half. I hope one day to create something worthy of OCR's high quality archives. While still preparing to invest in higher-quality equipment, I definitely can learn f
  3. Some of my favorite tracks from the game! The subtle blending of strings and woodwinds made gorgeous sounds. And that tuned percussion gave a definite new spin. Then merging those extra parts from Kakariko... Awesome. Reminds me of running around on people's houses back in Hateno, telling myself I'm an assassin...
  4. I'm a sucker for metroid music. This makes me think of plodding through a soggy underground cavern with disco-coloured fungi swaying back and forth. Dunno why, that's the mental image. During the second parts of Brinstar, the bass felt a tad... off. It was nice and consistent bass, definitely gave a different feel to the song. And dare I say you kept a consistent time metering? The original changed a bit if I recall. It's a unique sound to a classic song, great job on that!
  5. I remember both versions of this song, nice idea to mix the two styles! I enjoyed the saxaphone, it's a great contrast. The bass may benefit from something being added to it, the one guitar sounded a little... lonely. The treble parts sounded real smooth, pretty nostalgic of SNES days... BTW, I just realized how dang angry Zero looks in that background picture.
  6. That synth choir jumped out and punched me in the face. The bass and synthy long notes make a dreamy techno-nightmare. Cuase that metaphor makes sense. I think you did the second movement pretty great, and the main theme... Loved that song. Maybe I'm a biased fanboy, but I love this.
  7. I'm with that pinned comment on the video. I see Chopin and Zelda, instant click. Right before the final chord, I kept thinking, "Mystery jingle! PLAY THE MYSTERY JINGLE!" y'know, the opening of a door one. I for one, think the artistic molding of buddy Chopin' makes a splendid contribution to Epona's song.
  8. Sounds kinda like chiptune! Not sure if that's the accurate genre. Agreeing with Souperion, the lead instruments sometimes came off a shrill. Perhaps the bass could be bolstered a bit too, I really liked how it sounded so a little more on it may help the strong treble bits. Reeeally catchy though.
  9. I'm a sucker for piano solos. The transition phase was nice and dramatic. I really appreciate that the frenetic parts got the contrast of the smoother, calm segments. Which was a great element of the original. I agree with Souperion, your personal spin on this was very engaging. If you can make even more dynamics variation in the song, it could only help!
  10. This is the first cover of THIS song I've ever found. And I enjoy the energy of it, the bass and drums sound solid. The brass and strings are very powerful, maybe a bit shrill at parts. Perhaps dialing them back a tad can help balance. I'll have to look into this album.
  11. I appreciate this interpretation of the song. The steady consistency of it makes a very relaxing listen. I had an easy time hearing the different instruments involved, it flowed well. Seems solid to my amateur ears.
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