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  1. So many strange memories resurfacing of this game, and I love it.
  2. Everytime I work on this song, I feel the strongest temptation to mix other Baroque-style VG songs into it, like Dancing Madly or something.
  3. Did someone just spoil my intended direction for this? 🤣
  4. Hmm, a baroque sounding composition with sinister tones? Im into it!
  5. Did I just get rickrolled on The thasauce page????
  6. I loved this spooky compo. Looking forward to the next one!
  7. Great round, everyone did great working with such a short source!
  8. SNES compositions never cease to impress me, I love this song's movements so much. Guess I'm gonna have to shove all the pseudo eurobeat-metal vibes I can whip up into this!
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