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  1. I'm not gonna make it for this one, personal projects and work have come up. Sorry to miss out on this, but I'll be back to hear what the contestants whip up.
  2. Awesome! I love it when we all pile in on the last couple of days!
  3. Didja tell Bundeslang? if you message him with that link, he should be able to get the submission in for you on thasauce!
  4. Oh dang, I remember this song/scene! Love how lively you made it sound with the percussion and vocal parts. I enjoy the bit more intense feel than the original but the woodwinds and harp call back the familiar serene beauty. Lovely work.
  5. @The Vodoú Queen I understand the frustration/stress of not being sure on how to address critique you get, you got my sympathies! About the dissonance/key sig thing, I've never worked with changing the pitch/key of an audio sample, so I'm afraid I can't offer much help on that. If the program you're using can change the pitch of a sample, that might be something to experiment with. I didn't think you often had issues with dissonance in the past, just some parts on this last one, I don't believe it's a problem you frequently have had. It can be discouraging, but I believe everyone can continue
  6. Thanks for sharing thoughts, I appreciate it. I think I understand what you're saying about the amount of substance and traveling. Souperion and I both found a lot of opportunities to variate on the source melody, but perhaps there's some parts we could trim out to help it be a bit more stable longer. Which makes me chuckle a bit, because we took out part of the original song thinking this remix was getting too long! And it probably is! XD I'll take a look at the chords around 2:42 and see if I can better pronounce them. Maybe settle on what they need to be too... thirds, fifths... I ofte
  7. Oh noes! try going here, https://www.vgmusic.com/file/91d48cae3955198995655c830464f044.html. That should get ya the midi. I musta uploaded a corrupt file or something. Sorry about that.
  8. Definite improvements on the update! Brass and strings sound pretty good in general, got some nice full chords and hits. At times it sounds like the woodwinds may benefit from being a bit louder, such as when they take the melody at 2:05. At about 1:55 I hear some kinda synth background noise, think it's an arp of a pad? At first I thought it was the result of clipping or something. It seems a bit out of place in the arrangement, the sound may not compliment the orchestral arrangement terribly well. Shouldn't be hard to correct!
  9. Oh this'll be fun. I remember spending hours being lost in this game, now I can get around to remixing something from it!
  10. Thank you, both for compliments and suggestions! This gives me and Souperion some much needed direction for editing. I'll explore how we can make more variety in the sections, try making a solo perhaps to give it that needed break up! We'll also look at dialing back the vocal samples to not be quite so distracting. Those quotes were added originally as a joke in the production, then we kinda grew attached to them. I agree, the low end does sound a bit muddy. What's something I can try to fix that? I've often ran into that problem and am not too sure how to resolve it. Oh, and just lo
  11. It's working now! Wow, this song took me by surprise (good way). The music is full of haunting synths and pads, accented by those plucks and chiptune sounding elements. The vocals also carry a spooky vibe with the filter effects, and the lyrics have an amazing emotional blend of eerie, bitter, and almost dangerous to me. Especially with the Christian references in it. I didn't really find the bridge cheesy. The backing vocals contribute a pretty nice effect, being on the higher sound spectrum. Very fascinating work, I hope you get ahold of a moderator for the real professional feedback you des
  12. I grinned at the pause sfx, I found it a clever addition. I tried imagining how it'd sound to play the pause sound again before resuming the song, I'm not sure if it'd detract from that drum lead into the next part or not. And the mushroom get sound was a nice signal that the song was reaching its climatic finale. I'm very impressed with how the classic mario level music sounded in this way, excellent work remixing that familiar melody!
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