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Forbidden Woods


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First time back in a while. Never really finished the remix I was working on but I will eventually considering I need it for my upcoming website. Anywayz, I've begun some work for my web site of original game tracks. This here of course is a work in progress. No heavy mixing has been applied to the track and it does sound a bit funny (at least to me)right now... The piece was made to fit forest's or moderately lit woods. The piece does have a loop section and therefor really has no end (which is intended). Let me know what you think so far.


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Quite impressive if I do say so. It has that video game sound to it.

Really nice.

I concur, it sounds more so like a village theme to me though, a village in the woods...

1:25 - 1:50 sounds like a completely different song. Structure wise when that part kicked in i was kinda like huh? But it still sounds good.

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