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Cyber Shadow - Apparitor 1/Apparitor 2, Meka Dragon


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I finished Cyber Shadow a few weeks back (wanted to put some space between this request and my Hiveswap one; feels a bit obnoxious to leave them back-to-back), and really liked the polished, classic Ninja Gaiden feel of it. All the tracks in the game are pretty short (though people here at OCR have done good work with far less), so I wasn't sure if this was worth asking for, but the Apparitor's theme quickly got stuck in my head.

Apparitor 1:

Apparitor 2:

I also got the theme for the Meka Dragon boss stuck in my head, on account of that fight was total BS. If somebody wants to take a crack at that one (and somehow convey pain and suffering over what feels like hours), that could be good.

Meka Dragon:

Synthwave feels like the most natural genre these would fall into. But if you're feeling inspired, whatever works, works.

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