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Goldfinger Feat. THPS - Safe 'N' Sane Skater Heaven Superman (Master Mi Remix)

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After drawing back from making music for some time with the purpose of developing a new mixing style and getting used to my new professional Yamaha MSP 3 studio monitors (which might be some of the most accurate and truthful studio monitors in the world and really tough precision tools definitely made for mixing and sound engineering), I'm now back on track with a nice remix of the soundtrack "Superman", originally made by the punk rock and ska punk band Goldfinger.

The original track got quite famous within the Playstation game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (also called "Tony Hawk's Skateboarding" in several countries).
And since I was really digging this song when I played the game as an adolescent, I decided to create a really awesome remix of this track with my new mixing skills and my new professional studio tools.
Since this remix is basically my first big track mixed on my new Yamaha MSP 3 studio monitors and I think that it's one of my best tracks with a much more advanced and professional mixing style for now, I hope you radically enjoy this one just like I do.

I've put a lot of time, effort, passion and inner fire in the new composition for this remix and I had a lot of fun while creating it with my own musical style which consists of a nice variety of ambient soundscapes, heavy rock parts and some easy-going jazzy lines in this case.

For further information about the creation of my remix check out the upload description of the Youtube link for my remix.
So, here's the content.

Original soundtrack:


Newest version of my remix: 1.0


>>> https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm38478429

Enjoy this one and radically give me some feedback on how you like the composition for the remix - especially my new mixing style based on my new Yamaha MSP 3 studio monitors and the use of the 2-channel surround mode in my DAW for getting a more spatial mix with a greater imagination of depth.

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