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    I produce music as a hobby, though I always aim for the best quality possible. I have no specific genre that I write, but tend to EDM, Epic Music, Synthwave, Hybrid Music.
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Kontakt 6, Omnisphere 2
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    Piano c.a. Henle Grade 6-8

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  1. Hey everyone, after almost a year of being busy, I went back to practice producing and experimenting and it turned out to be Trance this time! I know there's a surplus of Stickerbush Symphony remakes out there, so I hope you can still enjoy this one! Kind regards!
  2. Hello team! I finished studies recently and I now have more time on my hands, so I think about more video game OST to rework. Meanwhile I wanna share some original music here with you! Best regards, Mental
  3. Hi folks, I wanted to share my interpretation on this theme. Golden Sun is one of my most loved games, played it when I was a kid and many of you probably know this theme/game, so I think no introduction is needed Also, I always write original music, so this is my first rework Please be merciful with your judgement!
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