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Odd problems (Windows Live and WinAmp)

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This morning, my computer was working fine... until- I rebooted =O

Windows Live Messenger and Winamp now refuse to work.

Click the Windows Live shortcut, and ta-da! Nothing. Press C+A+D and there's the 'msnmsgr.exe', listed in the 'Processes' tab.

Start up Winamp, and it appears on the screen, but the playlist window is blacked out and Winamp is shown to be 'Not Responding'.

Any ideas why this happened and what I can do to fix it?

EDIT: Ok, so a few days have passed. I've done a fresh install and not included Norton (as advised by a friend) and WinAmp seems to be working normally. However, I've tried using MSN7.5 and Windows Live Messenger; both will appear on screen, sign in and then promptly freeze. Cruddy old Windows Messenger still works.

EDIT: Ok, so the problem with Windows Live is on my sister's pc as well. I'm yet to try it on dad's pc... I looked at the router settings; double checked port forwarding. All seems to be ok.

EDIT: Well, that was odd. Yesterday Live just started working again. Rather odd indeed.

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