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  1. Sorry man, I don't really play DS online anymore. :(

  2. By far the best mashup artist I've heard is Sydney-based Wax Audio. There are both streams and full downloads (mp3 320)- two albums and three EPs. There's a relatively small amount of hip-hop in this guy's work, so it's a perfect starting place for you Faustt.
  3. I don't know what you're waffling about, Deathtank.
  4. I want to like this, I really do. The production's top-notch, but most of the melodies just feel too... bright and cheesy. Perhaps I'm just becoming a cynical bastard in my... old age? ( ) Also, is Supersonic a Mega Man remix? EDIT: Okay, I've listened to some more and I'm opening up to it a bit more. Nebula may just have convinced me.
  5. Accepting mine. I've begun working on it and have already learned a thing or two about Reason.
  6. So, he's divorcing his third wife.
  7. C - Took cello lessons for about six years, took music class in high school for four years.
  8. Count me in. I just got a midi/usb cable for my (rather crummy) keyboard, so I'll see if I can put it to use. It's kind of sad that I started composing music five years ago but am yet to truly finish anything... this may well be the kick up the butt I'm due for.
  9. I'm a big fan of Cake- their albums are all quite solid from start to finish. It's too bad they're mostly only recognised for The Distance, Short Skirt/Long Jacket and Sheep Go to Heaven. Pendulum's album Hold Your Colour is also a great example. Slam overshadowed some really great tracks. And then the re-release replaced perhaps the two best songs on the album with two of sheer mediocrity.
  10. Which ones, if I might ask? Printer Jam was cool, but felt totally out of place on Hospital mix 7. I quite enjoyed No Matter What, Damage, Light's Really Bad, Greed, From Memory. Perhaps try them again, if you still don't like 'em, well... not much I can do I guess. Try Logistics' and Danny Byrd's albums from last year! (Uh, do we need a drum & bass-specific thread? )
  11. I really enjoyed White Collar Grime, but Wipe Your Tears was probably the weakest track on the album.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clubbed_to_Death_(song)#.22Clubbed_to_Death.22 I think this might be what you're looking for?
  13. Do you mean the amount of "old skool" 90's techno influence was minimal, or it was old skool 90's minimal techno? (sorry, just to clarify, cos if you meant the former, I'd be inclined to say that the amount of old skool rave influence was fairly outstanding. If you meant the latter, I'm not hearing any minimal techno at all... ) Also, another UK artist with a recent album release well worth mentioning is Mistabishi, of Hospital Records. His debut album Drop was great (reaching #2 on the iTunes download chart behind The Prodigy). Really fresh drum & bass and dubstep, highly recommended. I think it's the hook in Invaders Must Die. It's terrible, as are the vocals on Thunder for that matter. I'd argue that these are the weakest points of the album. Basically in reiteration of my previous post I'm fairly ambivalent about this album. Omen (the Noisia remix in particular) and Warrior's Dance were really enjoyable. All in all though, I'm happy that The Prodigy are back.
  14. I still love Red version, and I enjoy it's plot/narrative (is that the right word to use?) the most, as well as it's music. However, for a newcomer to the series, given the poor/mediocre graphics, bugs and lack of features it may not be the best place to start. On the other hand, I love Diamond too, but because it has a perfectly refined battle system. It's fun to battle and trade with friends online, etc. The plot in this game was, well, bad. Also, the music wasn't at all memorable. Crystal is probably the best choice, as I believe it has the best balance between plot and gameplay. Of what I played of Sapphire, it wasn't as fun. There were too many bells and whistles, but nothing felt greatly improved (save for the graphics).
  15. There most certainly are some similarities between this album and recent Pendulum (I'm certain that Liam and Rob influence one another's work). Invaders Must Die in particular, stands out as an example of this. I thought they could have done more with the drums on this track, and the main hook annoyed me a bit but the vocal sample was cool. Omen had a solid, chunky bassline. Thunder had the weakest vocals of the album. Definitely enjoyed the throwbacks to old breakbeat hardcore rhythms on tracks such as Warrior's Dance. Lately I've been listening to a bit of oldschool stuff (namely 4hero/Reinforced Records, DJ Crystl/Lucky Spin Recordings, etc) and it's nice to see that people are still digging the oldschool vibe. Stand Up seemed a little out of place, but I quite enjoyed it nonetheless. I've only listened to the album once so far and am feeling a little ambivalent about it as I'm sure you can guess. Either way, it's good to see The Prodigy back and releasing new music. As a sort of side-note, the Noisia remix of Omen is sick. Looking forward to hearing more remixes from this album; would love to hear a rougher version of Warrior's Dance in particular.
  16. I just listened to Life of a Spy. Definitely hearing a RE4 vibe here with that chime thing in the intro etc Not bad, will try the beta soon.
  17. Listening to the samples now, and quite enjoying them. A massive improvement on Antigravity. (Not sure how careful you were with titling the tracks though. In my mind, there is only one Timeless in the drum & bass universe...) As for the site, nice layout. Nice colour scheme and font style; I like the square-ish headings, etc. I'll echo neil and highly recommend that you keep with FLAC.
  18. A few months ago I finally got around to listening to Shpongle. I'd heard the name mentioned here and there for quite some time and stupidly, dismissed it. When I finally listened to 'Are You Shpongled?' I was blown away. (Totally psyched for the new album next year!) The same happened about 12 months ago with Porcupine Tree. These are both now some of my favourite bands.
  19. I currently have... Microsoft Xbox Networked PC Splinter Cell CuteFTP (could get FlashFXP if needed though) 7-Zip uTorrent I'd like to know how to do this with SC/without the AR for sure
  20. That's not too bad an idea really Shadow Wolf. Brisbane is alright, yeah. It's cleaner and quieter than Sydney, but not as much seems to happen there. Check out the Blue Mountains (2 hrs drive west of Sydney). They're not mountains like the Rockies or Alps, sorta closer in shape to (and larger than) the Grand Canyon, but it's all covered in thick forests (which we refer to as 'bushland' ) Mt Solitary in the Blue Mountains: but back to the topic at hand...
  21. OverCoat, that song makes baby jesus (and me) cry. Excuse the cliched 'they sold out/old material is better/second album syndrome' complaint, but I feel that in this case it really is true. Pendulum's music most definitely had a turning point at the rerelease of their debut album Hold Your Colour, which is one of the greatest selling drum & bass albums of all time (I think this means they were doing something right). The two new tracks, Blood Sugar and Axle Grinder (replacing Another Planet and Still Grey) are not only sub-par, but break the continuity of the album. From here on, it only gets worse (and I say this as a big Pendulum fan). The next single, Granite, was a mediocre, formulaic clone of Slam. Then In Silico was released. The lead single, Propane Nightmares, is positively boring and part of the riff sounds like a kid trying to play Smoke on the Water (but hitting some wrong notes). 9000 Miles is a decent track, but is let down by the fact that it's essentially a clone of Streamline (which is in turn, very much similar to the track Spiral, which they released before signing to Breakbeat Kaos). Now on one hand, I think it's great that they 'tried something new', but I was utterly disappointed in the poor execution of what would have otherwise been a fairly good concept. Instead of an accessible entry-point for newcomers to the drum & bass scene, In Silico only offered a watered-down mixture of rock and breaks. Sorry folks, barely a trace of drum & bass to be found here. I'm very much inclined to put it all down to the influence of the new label, Warner Music, but at the same time, the inclusion of Rob Swire's uninspiring vocals on so many tracks makes me wonder if there have been changes on a more personal level within the band. Even through all this disappointment, I remain hopeful that their next album will be a return to form. In the meantime I guess at least I've got The Qemists to give me a good dose of hard rock drum & bass. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=zY9LuBxHSVA
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