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I am Trenthian. I am beginning a streaming channel for gaming and music production.

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I don't know where in the forums this best fits or if its allowed, but I am looking into starting a streaming show on Twitch/youtube/other.
Would love to focus on just chatting with let's plays and remixing occasionally.

I don't have any regular viewership yet, and I'm not even really sure what I want my viewership to be like, but I would like to welcome anyone here to come check me out some time, and shoot the S with me. I have a tentative schedule on twitch, which will undoubtedly be supplemented with unscheduled streams here and there. Ill be ironing out the times and what have you and be looking at an official launch when I'm ready. 
Revisiting EARTHBOUND - Title/Onett/Fourside

Here is a clip of a practice stream, In the full video, I just make some adjustments and start up a new fourside segment. 

Notes on the full stream: 
 This is a no holds barred window into my creative process for game music arrangements. It is often going to sound like crap. I will play and replay sections of music without warning or any rhyme or reason. To get the most out of this video, feel free to use your arrow keys to jump around as much as you need (unavailable in live-mode). 

Wrapping up, thanks for taking some time to read my words.  

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