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  1. I'm starting to realize that Serato is such a solid program but when it lacks features it LACKS features. I think I'm going to compile a lot feedback/features eventually and make an attempt to email them, hoping they take it into consideration.
  2. Aside from this awesome forum, Ferrite doesn't have a groove based timeline, but imho it's the best clip editor in IOS. (convenient sample accurate editing is a must-have for me) It can handle very long files, but doesn't feature fx-busses like typical DAWs. The absence of a beat timeline can be circumvented by importing some (long) dummy beat as your ruler. You may check the basic editing features with the free version - if you get along with it, I can make a test with a 1 hour file to check it's performance.
  3. It's cool to have that one here. Nice idea.
  4. Oh, wow, great sound and effects!
  5. How did you find it? I was looking for it everywhere! Bless you man, thanks!
  6. This brought me back from the past man, geez thanks!
  7. Tons of awesome remix I can listen to, great job OP!
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