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Advance Wars 2: Ending WIP

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Eh, I'm not a great remixer but I thought I'd submit two of my WIPs here, both from the awesome Advance Wars series :)

http://ul44.rapidshare.com/files/9992623/AW2_Ending_Remix_WIP.mp3 - AW2 ending. More acoustic-sounding than most of my other stuff. It's short but I'll extend it for the final version. Lyrics would be nice in it but since I don't have someone to write, perform or record lyrics for me I'll just use the lead guitar.

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This is pretty good. I really like the atmosphere that you set up at the beginning with the acoustic guitar and awesome percussion. The lead guitar sounds pretty good for most of the song. I like the flute in the back, it adds to the light atmosphere. Overall it's a pretty good mix in my opinion the only problems is that it could be a little longer(and I know you said you were gonna extend it) and it's just a bit to close to the original. You might want to play around with the melody a bit or add some of your own stuff. This would be easy to do if you make it a bit longer. You could add some solos and junk into it.

If you really wanted lyrics for the song, I'm pretty decent at writing lyrics, but I can't really sing. I'd have to play around with the song for a while. Just trying to help.

Keep up the good work!

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