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  1. Have been busier than I expected, and won't have my remix done in time Looking forward to hearing those of everyone else though
  2. Thanks a lot Bundeslang, I totally forgot all about the deadline, now I should be able to get my track done
  3. Checked back in time for the anniversary, nice I'm trying to get something done, though my quality headphones are broken and I'm reduced to mixing with iPod earbuds like the old days, lol
  4. Great source tune, I most likely won't be able to enter this round though
  5. Greetings, earlier I posted my song on the forums for some feedback, and I referred to you because you make the same style of music. I was wondering if you would listen to my song and give some feedback on it.

    Thanks, Michael

    here is the song


  6. Congrats Binweasel I was making a bonus mix in the final 30 minutes of this round but missed the deadline by exactly a minute, here's the short ditty I had anyway (also, the setting of the bass & drums were mostly set previously to the 30 minutes): http://tindeck.com/listen/rsto
  7. I might be interested in participating, CT had a pretty cool soundtrack which would be fun to remix a track from Any particular genres you're looking for? The main genres I produce are trance, hip hop, and hardstyle, though I can also make some breakbeat and drum & bass stuff too.
  8. Thanks a lot, I'm going to make a new account now EDIT: Done, by new username is Hardbeat_Acolyte
  9. I'd like to try & make a PRC comeback sometime, maybe this week, I'll see how things go with school and all, lol =p Bundeslang, are you able to rename my account on Thasauce from setokaibarocket to Hardbeat Acolyte, in keeping with this new account & new handle? If you can, it'd be great, I'd appreciate that Also, according to memory, mixers can remix one or both sources in their entry as desired, though using both sources is encouraged.
  10. Argh, made this new account before noticing a thread like this even existed Please forgive my noobish mistake Is it possible to merge my old account "setokaibarocket" with this one, with all information for this account taking precedence over the old one? If so, I'd be very grateful
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