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Hedgehog Heaven (Sonic 2's album) 404's on music downloads


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I created a montage using analoq's Oil Spill from Hedgehog Heaven and I would like to link to it in the youtube description.  However, I only found a 404 waiting at the song link, launched to from here:


It appears that richter's site, Palette Swap (http://www.paletteswap.com/), is no longer operational (and all files in the root are gone except for the default) and with it the only web host for Hedgehog Heaven's tracks :(.  The only contact link for the site refers to the webmaster, richter@paletteswap.com, which I expect to hit a dead end if the rest of the site is unavailable.  I only know of here to ask about this, so I'm hoping there's something that can be done.



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