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Fatal Fury 2 [Sega Genesis] - "Kagerōnomai" (Mai Shiranui Theme Remix)

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When the Sega Genesis port of Fatal Fury 2 was released by Takara in 1994, I got a copy as quickly as I could, and spent many hours (too many lol) playing the game, honing my skills with Mai But the Sega Genesis port of Fatal Fury 2 was good for more than allowing me time at home to practice before going to the arcade. the Sega Genesis port of Fatal Fury 2 not only features some of the best music arrangements on the Genesis hardware, but arguably features a better soundtrack than it's SNES counterpart, especially when it comes to Mai Shiranui's stage theme, "Enryuujin" aka "Flame Dragon God"

While the SNES version is to be appreciated for offering a funky bass groove, and instrumentation that closely matches the Neo Geo MVS version of the theme, the Sega Genesis take on Mai's theme has a fat, driving bass line, a punchy snare drum, and SO MANY shamisen arpeggios!! The polyphony of the Sega Genesis version of "Enryuujin" is so impressive that I feel it rivals Yuzo Koshiro's work on Streets of Rage 2, which is no small feat

My arrangement draws many cues from the Sega Genesis version of Mai's theme, chiefly the bass line and use of arpeggios for polyphony, but differs in how the arpeggios are played, the inclusion of an entirely new drum pattern, and the addition of wood block percussion and a taiko drum. Also of note about my arrangement is the rhodes piano harmony I played over the bass line. Oh, and for those curious about the title of my remix, "Kagerōnomai" is a Japanese phrase that roughly translates to "Dance of Heat Haze," and comes from one of Mai's most famous super moves. I had a lot of fun creating this remix, so I hope you all have even more fun listening to it ^_^ 






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