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  1. If they decided to redo the Golden Axe series (mind you I only mean the original 3), they should use your track as an arranged version. Definitely get a Final Fight inspired feeling from this mix as I am remembering a classic arcade side-scrolling beat em' up.
  2. There were quite a few questionable parts, but for the most part, it came out alright. The intro alone was kinda disturbing as I actually thought OCremix lowered their standards for allowing sounds that made the Sega Genesis sound like an almighty sequencer. But that was just the brief intro. The voice, the breif moment of... um.. singing (for those who'd call it that) isn't that interesting to me and I woulda prefered a much softer voice or just playing on flute or sax instead. The vocals come off too strong, overpowering the piano solo which follows in between. Did I mentionion I'm not qui
  3. But this deserves one from so bad so I gotta lay it down. Just seeing No.5 gave me an idea of what to expect, because I've been thinking for the longest time this song needed to be remixed as it was my favorite from playing the game. I never expected THIS though. Loving the electronic tranced out intro, that gives you no sense of the song until about 0:52. The fast rhythm makes you imagine the game in the future, at really high speeds, and probably high from too much sugar and caffine. then the change up at 1:50 is like fighting a boss in distortion, before it picks back up to the melody at 2:
  4. I am gald to have been a part of the project with my one track thats short and not outstanding but has completed the CD. To be honest, I don't care for all of the tracks too much, but one of the greatest things that I love about the project is not so much the quality, but that it encouraged people to complete the project by doing remixes to songs that haven't been touched as well as putting out better remixes that previously weren't done. analoq OilSpill (track 7) is awesome and I am so amazed by it. I'm also glad to find hilltop zone remix, which the original sounded so synth country, and rad
  5. somebody e-mail me or something if i'm missing this... I having trouble getting track 13 to 14 to connect correctly (using no gap, and several crossfade options). They just don't seem to connect perfectly. More so, I have this problem with track 20 to 21, Dhsu piano to SnappleMan's Thrash the Plank where it just doesn't connect right and i can tell the snappleman's mp3 part not directed toward the artist),Dhsu's piano part shifts channels unexpectedly. Is this just me? I'm using Easy CD Creator 6 by Adeptec, but my dad does have Nero on his system. e-mail me or something if you have the solu
  6. Lol, While I'm not too crazy about the rap, i love the fact that it was done and its not too bad. I haven't heard Star Salzman since the Incredible Singing Robot. Star, Have you been hanging out in the ghetto or somethin', cuz this is ill. Man, I'm looking forward to more of your lyrical skills.
  7. "PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY!" Okay, maybe not. But this remix is definitly funky and tripped out. I'm feeling every second of it and the funk just doesn't stop. The electronic sounds are nice and the quality is excellent. While its not a dance/techno, or disco style of music, it'll have you moving like you got a little MJ(Michael Jackson) in ya'. I bet Yuzo Koshiro didn't expect this. If it wasn't known before, we all know now that DJPretzel feels the funk, and he likes it.
  8. Whoa, listening to this (again), its nice and relaxing, calm, and moody. The lyrics are deep, even though I now realize the verses are just the different ways of saying the same thing so it really is repetetive, but nevertheless, is a great song. Lovin this Starla.
  9. Well, I can't say its bad, because its more of a humorous song than a serious one, but so far I think Mocha and I are the only ones that aren't totally impressed with this song and giving it ridiculous scores. The song is awesome, but it doesn't totally theme to fit. You are using the casting song from megaman, but you are talking about useless strategy guides, and two playes in a game thats only one and crap like that. Sorry for being technical, The song is funny, but at the same time, i don't get it.
  10. This caught me of gaurd. For one, I downloaded it because it said Battle Theme and i am into RPG Battle Themes like mad. Then i saw Ivory Metal Mix and thought it had something to do with Rock/Metal. Then I found out it was a piano solo. was that bad? nah, not at all, but actually awesome to hear. I've also been into piano solos and looking for something to replace a not as awesome tetris medley on my personal VG Piano CD in which the title is still in the works. Thank you for an awesome mix and for completing my first CD. love to hear more from you.
  11. Holy Crap! Man, I thought the Land of Zeal was just played to death, but no longer am i doomed to hear the same type of music repeated in millions of variations. MV has taken it to the next level. If you thought you knew Chrono Trigger you are wrong. No matter how many times you beat the game, how many endings you've seen, how many songs you've heard remixed, you've never known CT like this. MV has introduced Zeal, in a Hip-Hop/Ambient/Jazz remix like none other. MV, I thank you personally for this remix. Anyone who does hip-hop jazz at least semi-realistically, and is successful, makes me
  12. I like this remix. Its an original piano solo arrangement. Most people like to show off "look how many notes i can play at once and how fast my fingers move", or fake it "I know its sequenced, but it just flows through naturally that you can't tell". But Dhsu just plays what he has a feel for. Its not rushed, but its smooth. Its not far off the song, but he wants to leave his mark in a song and not just play it. He wants you to know this is his version of the song and that he is playing it. Thats the way you should do any piano solo, whether fast or slow, let it be known that it is now yours.
  13. I'm listen to this while eating my breakfast and... *cough, cough, hack, choke, swallow* HOLY CRAP! This remix is sweet. Its got the christmas and a mario medley together. And me being a jazz lover, 1:21 is where I'm chillin to a nice smooth ride on santa's sleigh. I love the sound, i love the mix, i love the overall idea. I detect no problems here. 10/10
  14. Okay, first off I must reply to djpretel's comment on the song, "...and this ReMix holds its own with the very best of the other Last Ninja mixes in existence." First of all, I must commend you for being first on OCRemix to have a Last Ninja song as it is more popular than people think. However, for him to say the best in existence is overexaggeration. Don't believe me? visit http://lastninja.c64.org/ also check out http://www.puffy64.de/ and http://www.acc.umu.se/~amber/LastNinja/. I'm not putting you down, but I'm just saying. Anyways, for your remix, I like the sound. The start got me th
  15. whoa man. I wish i didn't already do my CD now. This mix is awesome man. it even got me thinking of the One Girl in all the World that I fell in love with. Okay, maybe in all the school, but still. I like this. The title fits the music, the sounds are beautiful, and overall, it is just sweet. 10/10
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