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A closer-to-the-source-material Castlevania anime adaptation


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I'm working with a team on a A closer-to-the-source-material Castlevania anime adaptation.
Project info:

“In an era long past, as monarchies weakened, local feudal lords grew in power. The first knights simply protected their lords’ domains. However, with the reforms of the late 11th century, knights became the protectors of the peace. They valued courage and honor, fighting heretics and heathens in God’s name.

In this age, one company of knights was said to be invincible due to two men:

Leon Belmont, a courageous man who feared nothing and whose combat abilities were second to none, and Mathias Cronqvist, a genius tactician, whose learning made him an exception in a largely illiterate society.

They trusted each other completely, and they were bound by an old friendship.”

~Lament of Innocence Prologue

i talk strictly from the pov of i-love-this-franchise and i can expand so much on this material if i could do a show.

here are some things that will make our series different from the one on netflix:

  1. it’s a character drama like symphony of the night.
  2. no swearing, sex or nudity.
  3. it will have a tasteful amount of blood, as opposed to the gorefest of the netflix show.
  4. alcohol will be present but people won’t be black out drunk.
  5. our series will not scapegoat the catholic church.


the backgrounds and art style will take its inspiration from symphony of the night and the gothic and baroque Eras(Grandeur, realism, emphasizing beauty, majesty, and grace, and for the objects and buildings, using graceful arcs and curves whenever possible. gothic would be for example, stained glass windows. the music will be very medieval and baroque style.
I’m working on the show right now with the composer/arranger and the script writer.
the series will go through the whole timeline until 6 months after 1999(including events never told before like the Demon Castle War)

team biographies here: https://castlevania747013383.wordpress.com/home/ Disclaimer: Konami has not given us the go-ahead yet. we’ll pitch the idea to them once the first six episodes(season 1)are done. project reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/castlevania/comments/qruaxy/a_closertothesourcematerial_castlevania_anime/ and twitter: https://twitter.com/cr_baroque 
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