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A Battle against XP: Read-Only woes


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Okay, so I've been downloading a torrent since september 14 of last year. Today, it finally got to 98.1%. Lo and behold, XP decides to make the file Read-Only. And refuses (or fails) to allow me, the administrator, to make the root folder editable.

I've restarted several times, and tried several log-outs, log-ins and still no luck. I open up the properties of the folder, un-check Read-Only, and then apply. After a fresh restart, Windows opens up a small status window displaying the progress of applying the new settings... only for me to recheck the properties, and damn if microsoft hasn't anal raped my computing processes, the folder is STILL Read-Only. Any further attempts after this result in the same outcome, the exception being the small status window is no longer present with each attempt.

So, I'm stuck here, 2 odd days from my torrent being completed, and XP's WONDERFULL interface is the only obstacle between me and the finality of my torrent. I'm going to try a Safe-Mode boot and attempt to change the file that way (which is ridiculous that I should have to resort to such a method to change the attributes of a non-system/critical file). If that doesn't work... Any suggestions? I'd appreciate it.

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Alternatively, if you run XP Professional(Or XP Home in safe mode) you can take ownership of the file/folder again.

To do this:

1) Right-click file or folder and select Properties

2) Go to the Security tab

3) Make sure your account has sufficient privileges on the file.

4) Click Advanced and go to the Owner tab. You'll see the user accounts listed there, as well as the current owner.

5) If it's a folder, check the little checkbox that says "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects."

6) Click your own username, then click Apply.

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