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  1. Is it just me or is everyone missing the biggest problem that's already easily seen? In several parts of the side scrolling gameplay, the camera is almost perfectly profile, and in these sections it's nearly impossible to get an idea of what's coming up ahead. I'm really hoping this won't lead to stupid sudden deaths from falling. Asides from that, so far the game looks good, because, for one, there's no damn enemies that take more than a single hit to take care of. (Not that they've shown any enemies beyond the ones that get blasted away as sonic speeds through them with the camera behind him, so help me God if these segments play anything like the SUPER SPEED sections of 06... I wish sega would just can the idea of werewolf sonic, but it won't happen, they need their damn gimmick. Sonic The Hedgehog was the first game I ever played, way back in 1991, and I've played every sonic game released since that time. If Sega will actually keep the Sonic rush gameplay decently intact, I'll be a happy child again.
  2. I've got a micro, and I love the thing. The screen is smaller, but so what, whatever you play on it looks beautiful because the screen is so good. The only problem I've had with mine is that the L shoulder button stops working after a while... just like on the SP. I really don't know what it is with Nintendo and shoulder buttons on their handhelds, I've had to replace a DS Lite because it had a faulty shoulder button too. I actually enjoyed my Micro so much, I went out and bought a second one, they're only 50 bucks at Wal-Mart. Problem is, after class one day I pulled out my new one, to find out the screen was cracked... still have no idea how it happened, and it just sits in my desk now, I did take the battery out of it so I had a spare, lol. Really, I love the Micro, It's a great system, it just should have been marketed more/better.
  3. Terial

    Xbox 360

    Okay, I've been putting it off for quite a while now, but I'm starting to want to buy a 360. Mostly because of Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. I really want to support Mistwalker and, really I want to enjoy these games that look so fun. What I'm wondering is, are there any credible rumors of another price drop on the 360 anytime soon? I'd really like to get an elite, because I really am on the HD bandwagon and want the benefits of HDMI, like with my PS3. Then again, I'm not sure if I want to spend the money for a console on just two games, especially for an elite 360, which costs almost as much as a PS3. ...Although I did buy my PS3 solely for Final Fantasy XII /Versus, so I can't really use that excuse, even though I enjoy so many of the games I've bought for it.
  4. Terial

    Xbox 360

    Does anyone else feel like the 360 wireless controller is just extremely heavy compared to the PS3 controller? Then again, I guess it does have a comfortable underside with, is it a rubber layer on it? and it has vibration so I guess it does have those weights to spin. But really, with 2 AA batteries in it, the thing gets heavy after I'm so used to the barely-weighing-anything PS3 controller.
  5. Terial

    Xbox 360

    I really would like to get a 360 sometime, a lot because of Blue Dragon and Lost Oddysey. But then again, those games aren't killer apps for me. I bought my PS3 because I wanted to go ahead and purchase one so that I'd have it before Final Fantasy XIII came out. Really, FF XIII sold me a PS3, I wasn't about to pass it up. Then I started picking up other stuff for my PS3, like Oblivion, which I had never played before on 360 or PC. All I can say is, wow. If I had played Oblivion before then, I probably would have picked up a 360 for it, and some other games. But then again, it seems like, most of the 360 games that I want to play end up being PS3 games sooner or later, or getting a PC release with added content and more impressive graphics around a year later. That, and, really it's true, a lot of the 360 exclusive games are shooters, which I'm not really big on. Oh yeah, and one reason I'm glad I have a PS3 over a 360, Uncharted. I've beaten pretty much everything in it, but it's really been some of the most fun I've ever had with a video game, everything in it is just so fun, especially when you get to the point in the game where you realize, my god, it's actually feasable to run up and punch these guy's lights out and dodge all these bullets. Jee. Kinda sounds like I just came in here to take about the PS3 <<; I will say though, I wish the PS3 controller was as comfortable to hold as a 360 controller, it really really really, just forms to your hand. I've never had much experience with it asides from picking one up randomly to mess with it in my friend's room. It just seems like it'd be extremely comfortable for hours and hours of gaming.
  6. Just so you know, If there had been no Halo, there most likely would be no XBOX360, and there certainly wouldn't whatever nextbox it is Microsoft is cooking up in Sillicon Valley.
  7. Terial

    Lost Magic

    FFT is hard to get into. I've put 30+ hours into it over the years, starting over several times, and It's effing hard if you don't know exactly what you're doing and how you want to plan out your characters. You have to work your ass off before you get to enjoy it. I played the PSX original and didnt make it far, and I started it over several times, getting a little better each time I figured out something. It's one of those games where its very easy to screw yourself to the point of having to restart. I picked it up for the PSP and I've been trying to play through it, got a lot farther, but I recently got to a roadblock in my progress, near the end of chapter 1, and I've been putting off leveling for a while, but I play every now and then. The game is hard has hell, but it's worth it when you actually understand it and can go into a battle and finally start to whoop ass. And just so you know, the Tactics Advance games are a breeze compared to Tactics. Not to say that it's bad, because you still have to think, it's just a lot more fun, whereas Tactics is more rewarding. I personally like the character building aspects in Tactics Advance better than in the Original. In Tactics you get to build up your characters with abilities learned through equipment, like in FFIX. Anyway, they're both great games and I think I logged like 300 hours into Tactics Advance just messing around and having a complete blast. And I did play through it several times, each more fun the last. Oh yeah, and getting a mastered Thief in the very beginning of Tactics Advance is sooooo much fun when you can steal any awesome item you want and learn arse abilities in the beginning of the game. Wow, I've typed waaaay too much about this XD.
  8. Wow, didn't expect so many replies. I checked out Pixietrick's song on Animeremix, I very much enjoy it, I think it'll go near the top of my playlist. I checked out the other songs on OCR as well, and I really like them as well, especially River of Time (It's alwaays great when I can smile to myself after recognizing the source material, heh). Also, Ocarina of Time's Prayer is great too, I really love Pixietrick's singing in that song. I feel like I'm just completely relaxed hearing it. (The original song was very haunting.) I'm going to edit my playlist now and get back to this thread tommorow. Any more opinions would be great.
  9. I've recently had a problem falling asleep at night in my dorm, and I've tried playing music when I go to sleep, turns out I feel about ten times better when I wake up the next day. I was wondering about some good remixes that are good to fall asleep or sleep to? I have a playlist with most of MYST and RIVEN's soundtracks on it, as well as Jivemaster's Symphonic Ruin, EgM's Sol Sanctum Guitar (Awesome song btw), Seaside lullaby, symphonic ballade, and a few Chrono Trigger Remixes. And the newest Chrono Cross mix, and I quite enjoy it atm. Looking forward to seeing what you all think.
  10. Terial

    Sony PSP

    lmao. Gamestop workers really know nothing. Having a bigger cache just means it reads from the disk less often. Has nothing to do with lag, as lag comes from poor programming or not enough system resources. I have a PSP phat and a Crisis Core slim, nothing fixes the lag in FFT, I've tried everything.
  11. 8 years already? Seriously? I was only 11 when I got a Dreamcast that beloved christmas? wow. If only the Dreamcast had lived on.. maybe sonic wouldnt have become so... horrid... Here's to the Sega Pheonix. May God have mercy on our souls and let us pray that Sega will one day return to the glory that it was and destroy sony and microsoft with a brand new console... Or team up with nintendo and make a great console jointly to completely wipe the PS3's ten year plan on the floor. That, my fellow SEGA fans, would be an epic win.
  12. I assume that you have to change the file name to match the default ones, like, 000epsxe.mcr. Im not sure, you could just be stupid like me and not realize you could select memcards through epsxe itself and then go through the process of finding a converter and then realizing later it was a waste of time. =P
  13. I dropped the .gme files directly into the memcards folder for epsxe and tried to use it, didnt work. changed it to match the file names for default epsxe memcards (w/o changing the file extension, then with changing the file extension) and still no luck... EDIT: Is there any way to use the ffviii save editor on a epsxe file or convert a pc save file to a .mcr? Or any way to actually get the ffviii save editor to work? says im missing a .dll file.... =/ EDIT DOS: Vista has now decided to delete all of the essential files for running FFVIII (PC Version) The actual program itself is gone, all saveeslots gone, no dll files left. nothing. Does anyone else have problems like this with vista? ; or does God just not want me to play FFVIII? EDIT TRES: Okay, I converted some memcard files off gamefaqs to .mcr files and epsxe accepted them just fine, and i luckily found a good file that was pretty close to matching my old save. Thanks for all the help. I guess this topic is done unless someone wants to bitch about Vista with me =) Otherwise, Imma go and try and beat a game ive been playing since it came out on the PC.
  14. Thanks Dhsu, that was the first place i looked, but I couldn't fingure out how to get ePSXe to accept the files...
  15. So yeah, i just upgraded to the incredible awesomeness of vista ultimate (why is it you cant just choose an older operating system when buying new pcs?) I decided to beat one of the few ffs i have yet to conquer, FFVIII. So I make my ISOs dl ePSXe and get to Deling city and drop into the sewers~ I was doing great, all avalabl GFs, and 100 of all magic avalable, save for demi. Well, I go to play today, and damn if vista hasnt deleted my ISO of disc 1, BIOS files, Pete's OpenGL, and several other media files including webpages with confirmation information for my tuition payment to NCSTATE. So... if anyone has a good sstate or memcard around that point, or knows where to find one, please tell me and i will be forever indebted to you. I swear, it just seems like God doesnt want me to beat this game, its the 8th or 9th time ive tried to play through it...
  16. I was just listening to some of the RIVEN Soundtrack, and I wondered to myself, how OCR would handle the MYST experience, so I head on over to everyone's friendly neihborhood Remix site, and lo and behold, there are no mixes up for any of the MYST games. Now, I'm not here to complain or demand a remix, but I do find it strange that one of the industry's oldest and well respected franchises has not received a mix on OCR. I'm curious, has there been any mixes submitted before? Or is it just a completely blank slate? I see the MYST series eerie soundtracks as a great subject matter for OCR, especially with some of the almost ambient songs of OCR.
  17. I wouldn't think your battery life would change that much... but the drainage of your charge definetly depends on what game your playing. You could play MegamanXZ and new super mario bros. all day long because of the low poly count. But you play FF III or Animal Crossing for about 10 hours and your battery's bout gone. Regardless, the lite is sooooo much better than the DS phat battery wise.
  18. And then there are EVs... which are more imprtant in raising pokes than natures and IVs. just as important as your movesets. A poke EV trained well will fair better in battle than a poke with 31 IVs in all stats with no EV training.
  19. Surely, you can't be serious... That movie had about three parts that were worth watching, not the entire movie, but the sences themselves. The pimp my ride, hitch spoofs, and the dancing in the opening scene was pretty humorous. My favorites have to be AIRPLANE! and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I'm not so sure if the holy grail is a spoof, or just a mockery of everything from history, but that is easily the most fantastic movie to ever grace the planet. I'm gonna go out on a limb here: White Chicks. Not really anything specifically spoofing, just those sisters (can't think of their names). If not, it should count just for that big black guy singing thousand miles XDDDD EDIT: typo
  20. I was just wondering how many people here appreciated the spoof genre. Discuss.
  21. Recently, I posted concerning a series of books I was writing. Well, I haven't been working on it lately because I've relapsed into school and work, but in about a week, I'll be back on track with my writing. I was told then that I should try writing short stories before working on an actual novel. I thought it over and had a few decent ideas, but nothing that really struck me as brilliant. I, as a writer, have trouble writing short stories. Mostly because I end up making the story into something much more complex than a short story should be. Anyway, I was sitting in math today, letting ADD take over when I had an idea. I thought of another element to add to the plot of my books, and it developed into something that could run it's own independent story.(as well as several other plots in my books) I decided to use that idea to write short stories about a single character, following events that take place about 15 years before the present time of my books. What I want to do with this, would be to post it online. Instead of posting my books online as I originally wanted, I could publish these smaller, connected stories. I hope that this will allow me to get real criticism from people about my writing style and a connected plot to my main story. The problem I see though, would be that I could simply be wasting my time publishing it online, only to get no actual criticism of my work, and when I want to get my original books published, the publisher won't want to do so because part of the plot was thrown online for everyone and their momma to see. I also don't like the idea of being criticized for reworking something that I had already written into the storyline of the short stories, to fit with my (still forming) plot of the books. These stories will be meant to be a test and a training of my writing skills mainly. I want them to be seen as rough drafts, that are likely to get revised or rewritten altogether, but I also want them to be seen as a critisizable work. I want these stories to be independent enough to possibly be collected into a "collected works" one day, along side my books, but I don't want to seem like my story isn't well thought out or preserved, which I'll end up retconning and reworking the original stories so much that it will definetly seem like I'm not taking care with the writing and plot. Do you think that I should shoot my idea of publishing these stories online in the head, or continue thinking about it until I have some concrete work?
  22. Okay, so I've been downloading a torrent since september 14 of last year. Today, it finally got to 98.1%. Lo and behold, XP decides to make the file Read-Only. And refuses (or fails) to allow me, the administrator, to make the root folder editable. I've restarted several times, and tried several log-outs, log-ins and still no luck. I open up the properties of the folder, un-check Read-Only, and then apply. After a fresh restart, Windows opens up a small status window displaying the progress of applying the new settings... only for me to recheck the properties, and damn if microsoft hasn't anal raped my computing processes, the folder is STILL Read-Only. Any further attempts after this result in the same outcome, the exception being the small status window is no longer present with each attempt. So, I'm stuck here, 2 odd days from my torrent being completed, and XP's WONDERFULL interface is the only obstacle between me and the finality of my torrent. I'm going to try a Safe-Mode boot and attempt to change the file that way (which is ridiculous that I should have to resort to such a method to change the attributes of a non-system/critical file). If that doesn't work... Any suggestions? I'd appreciate it.
  23. QFE! ADD is the greatest genetic handicap. =) *waves CD in front of fae and becomes intranced for hours*
  24. ok ^^ so long as they get thrown somewhere on the public domain
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