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T-ROOT is looking for additional arrangers.

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Hello mixers.

You may not know who T-ROOT is, but im here to explain a little about the project.

I have been organizing an orchestra for quite some time now.

We were ready to go a year and a half ago, but were disbanded due to a lack of funding and an inability to continue paying fees for our rental hall.

Now we are back, under a mostly new management team and with a new venue.

The orchestra is still being put together. We are small, but with time I will get the number back up to 54 players and eventually larger. it wont be right away, but it will get there eventually.

I am now personally funding the cost of meeting/rehearsal space. The Orchestra is here to stay.

I am looking for additional arrangers.


To arrange for the group, you could do as little as a midi, or a ful blown orchestration in Finale.

We are accepting Video Game, Anime and Original Music arrangements.

All pieces ae subject to approval. I want you to be a part of the creative team (especially if you are looking to music as a means of profession in the future.) If your piece needs work in order for the orchestra to play it, or even include it in our repetiore, Ill be more than happy to help you with your arrangement.

I would prefer that parts be pre-transposed, but if they arent I can guide you through transposition information.

Some Software presets instrumentation in the correctly transposed pitch.

For more information contact me at my email


The website is made with demo software and I'm awaiting an endorsement.

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That's a pretty awesome goal you've achieved-getting an entire orchestra together! I've done orchestration etc. before, but I'm afraid I'm a little confused as to what you're asking. Do you need arrangers to help orchestrate the MIDIs and such that people will be sending in, or are you talking about looking for material to play? I would like to give it a shot either way, but I'm pretty busy co-coordinating a project at the moment. Would any commitments need to be made right now, and could you answer my question as well? Thanks.

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We are looking for stuff to play.

I am the primary composer and arranger for the group right now.

I would like both original pieces and game/anime/whatever arrangements hopefully print ready to go. They MUST be done by you, you cant just photo copy the LOTR soundtrack's score and submit it for evxample

but if uyou arranged hobbiton for orchestra, I'd love to look at it.

So get in touch for a chance to be part of the creative team, credit on the page, and whatever recordings we make.

You dont need to hgave anything prepared already, you can just tell me you are interested and how soon you could prepare a rough draft.

orchestration is to be written for (or a strange combo of):

1 flute,

1 clarinet (switches off to Recorder and electric recorder. Soprano, alto or tenor)

1 french horn,

1 classical trumpet

1 trombone

4 1st violins,

5 2nd violins.

8 viola

5 Celli

2 Basses.

1 Guitar (Lead sheet please.)

1 e Bass (Drop 1 orch Bass)

1 synthesist ( I can send you a sample of the synthy stuff it cvan play.)

Drumkit. bass drum 3 -4 toms, standard soprano snare, and piccolo snare. rock crash, rock ride, splash. Hi hat,

Orchestra percussion is currently being handled by the Synthesist, bear that in mind.

You dont have to arrange for the full orchestra, you can do ensemble stuff too

Things we will be adding to the group,

theremin, various hand percussion, a synth drummer to handle orchestra percussion and synthetic drumwork. a second synthesist.

general filling of the string section, I eventually would like to have 4 french horns and 3 trumpets, 2 trombones and a tuba or euphonium.

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I would love to help with whatever; arranging, writing, that sort of thing. I'm so busy now though that I could really only do in the spare time of my spare time, if you know what I mean. But once the project I'm on is wrapping up, I should have plenty of time to devote to this. I can have a draft of something (new!) by then too, if you want it.

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This is pretty much an open call. Our quality control system is audition based.

I just need to hear a sample of what you have done in the past, and thats about it.

and this goes for everyone, Anyone can contact me to audition to compose/arrange for us.

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