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  1. I've been thinking about it...and I don't know. It's really hard to stay motivated when it seems like nobody cares about the project except those who are on it. Well, the ones who are actually 'here', anyway. I can't think of anything we can do to save the project. Sure, we could move back to community, but we've already PMed so many mixers, why would they decide to just come on board? I had this whole big post planned out, but is it even worth typing out? Only a few people will read it and moaning about how mixers keep abandoning us isn't going to help us. And how we've been around for more than a year and barely have anything done... I guess I'm being all doomy and gloomy, but I honestly don't see us finishing anymore.
  2. Well, to be fair, Friday isn't over yet. But...we do need to do something different, or else we'll be buried under the ever increasing amount of new projects that seem to start so often. If we don't discuss our options the project will continue to flounder, as mixers get bored with us and wander off to join "The Pimp Daddy Link" project or whatever else is new this week. Some sort of consensus needs to be reached as to what we can do to get back on track. I'll wait until tomorrow to start reviewing WIPs so, hopefully, more people will get a chance to get something in. Or at least drop by and leave a note. Thank you to all who have already taken the time to do this.
  3. Just a friendly reminder that Friday the 7th is the due date for WIPs, so let's put those finishing touches on them over the next few days. And then we can, like, go for beer or something.
  4. Oh, you were looking at the old forums. Nobody uses those anymore so a bunch of spambots hang out there now. We need to archive the helpful posts and delete that place now that we have a better forum. (so much to do...) Anyway, if you want to join the project you'll need to show us what you can do. Do you have a demo track we can listen to? If you do you can PM it to Pi/Kanjika or myself and we'll evaluate it. Or you can post in it the thread, if that's easier.
  5. Thanks, I'll take a listen and try and get something written up asap. EDIT: Sorry, everything over here is a bit hectic right now, so I haven't gotten to it yet. I'll have it done up by tonight, promise. Sorry!
  6. I have no idea how the system works, but if the problem is the same name being repeated, could each mixer's name be, "Anonymous PRC Contestant 1", "Anonymous PRC Contestant 2", etc.? The IP thing shouldn't be a problem since people are allowed to submit more than one mix, if I remember correctly. No one has done that using Tha Sauce Compo though.
  7. So, if I use trackers to write my music, I'm not a "computer composer, music engineer, or synthesist"? Wow, it makes so much sense now! I guess I'll delete all these programs and stop working on my "songs"!
  8. Happy birthdays! I think I have a few ideas for this, so I'll try and put up a mix.
  9. I hadn't voted before using the new system, so hopefully I did it right. I had no idea what to say in comments. I've never been good at those.
  10. Looks like I'm out. Been listening all week, and nothing has jumped out at me. So much for my big comeback.
  11. I slapped down a new WIP. You know where.
  12. Well, there goes my choice of source tune should I ever win. ...speaking of which, I need to get back in on this. I completely forgot about PRC in the hectic weeks gone by.
  13. The only Star Trek related programming I'll watch is that one show with the two Rikers where they both go at it. That one was totally awesome. Yes, the main problem I'm having right now is motivation too. I'm sort of in the opposite situation though. I work from 9-6, and factoring in commutes and meals I sit down in front of my computer to write by seven. But after a long day at work, where I ALSO stare at a computer, I'm just toasted mentally. I just pluck around at my keyboard, wondering how a happy hardcore remix of American Patrol would sound. The people who wrote the very songs we're mixing didn't have the liberty to stop just because they felt like it. We're lucky to say that we do have this luxury, but are we taking too much advantage of it? I am. I've been struggling with this track for a while now, and need to pull it together. And honestly, finishing up what we're doing is in everyone's best interests. I mean, who doesn't want to be done? Seeing some new activity is good -but getting it back up to old levels, where people are constantly updating their tracks and critiquing others would be really wonderful to see. Coincidentally, happy one year aniversary everyone!
  14. I know' date=' I know. I am a bit concerned that Kanjika has not visited the site in a month. I'm going to go fire off emails to a few bands now. I wonder if getting performers for Live 8 is this complicated...
  15. If that's the way you feel, I can't ask you to change your mind. I'm sure I speak for all the coordinators when I say I'm sorry to see you leave. Good luck in the future James.
  16. I would like to announce that I am still alive. Through a series of unfortunate events I haven't had time to post lately, but that changes...now! Or tomorrow. I'm actually going to bed now. I believe I have actually emailed a couple of those VGBands, without response, but I'd have to check my outbox to confirm which. Anyway, tomorrow. I am still getting over a cold. I need sleep. Also, with everyone springing back out of the woodwork, do you all remember what you're working on? I'm still doing the Stage 2-2 boss from Hello Kitty World, right?
  17. Anorak

    RIP Arguru

    Yeah, a definite shame. Arguru (or Arguelles, as some of his earlier stuff is credited to) did an insane amount of work in the development field. A bunch of his Buzz generators are my mainstays - even now, years after their creation - and I've barely scratched the surface of his entire body of work. Rest in peace
  18. Well, I'll be the next opposing vote then. Not that it will matter, since I have no mixes on the site and the poll is already heavily tilted in the other direction. Personally I don't have any problem with drawing up a legal policy to protect Overclocked. It really is a good idea to expand the proceedings beyond a handshake agreement. But like Kai, I can't agree to the termination rights that favour OCRemix. Maybe it's my predisposed nature of assuming that everything will go wrong, but I can't help but imagine a scenario where mixes will be eternally trapped in a glass cage; their makers want them down, but because they once had an altercation with the site staff or their reasons are declared "too selfish", their request denied. From here on out, god help you if you didn't read that other topic. I'm guessing that this policy is being put into place because of the exodus, virt, etc.. If so, I can't help but feel that everyone who has ever (and ever will) submit a mix here is being punished for their actions. And consequently it feels like we are all being lumped into that group. Like you're all assuming that as soon as we tire of the site, we'll pull our mixes and be gone. Not all people are like that. On Wikipedia (wait, I'm going somewhere with this) they have a policy called AGF. If you didn't bother to click the link, it stands for Assume Good Faith. Now, OCRemix and Wiki are completely different sites, with different content, rules, yada yada. But the rule is an interesting one. Summarized, it describes that when a good intentioned edit is made that is incorrect, one should NOT assume it is vandalism. You should assume they are trying to help the site. The idea of a mix getting removed helping Overclocked is completely bizarre, of course. But take the rest of that policy into account. If I may rephrase it into terms which apply to our current situation: "Not everyone who is requesting that their remixes be removed is trying to harm Overclocked Remix." DJP went over a few reasons why someone would want their mixes removed in the other thread. In the same post, he said, concerning remix removal: "The actuality is that we don't make any profit and do this for fun, so "hurting" us per se won't work, and the end result is that fewer people will be exposed to your music." Then why is the one sided termination clause in the contract anyway? To wrap up, and summarize this wordy mess, I just wish that the site would have some more good faith concerning its mixers. We all aren't plotting a mass exodus on a VBulletin Board somewhere. Having this clause in the agreement is going to keep a lot of remixes on the site, but it's going to drive a lot of mixers away too. I like this site a lot and I just hope there is some reconcilliation between those two numbers. But I'll have to be in the second group. There, that's my reason. I know nothing about law, but you asked for it, and there it is. I hope you can forgive my emotionally vague, idiotic, embarrassing, and drawn-out ramblings. Now you know why I didn't post before. P. S. When this passes, please place it where every remixer can see it - right before they submit a mix.
  19. Ah, that's tremolo. Put one of these: on the note in question and it should come out in midi playback. (By the way...each line you add subdivides the note an additional value. So, one line would be repeated 8ths, two lines repeated 16ths, etc.) Hope this is what you're looking for!
  20. I'm sorta not sure what you mean. I think you're either referring to normal trills or tremolos, rapid switching between two non-adjacent notes. I'll go over trills, and hopefully someone else can fill you in if thats not what you're after. Trills are in the musical expressions menu, if I remember correctly. They appear as: tr It's customary to put a wavy line after it, but it isn't necessary to get Finale to produce the effect. Just attach one of those suckers to the note you need trilled and you're in business! It might change from version to version though...I just upgraded from Allegro 98 (!) to Finale 07 and everything is so different...
  21. Crap. I've been listening to the source and I don't think I'll be able to come up with anything. Again. Sigh.
  22. Aww, I'll join in. I'm afraid all I have time for is an improvised performance on my keyboard, and I'm not exactly what one would call "good" at it... But I need to start PRC again and now's as good a time as any. Here it is: Impromptu For Toilet Last place, here I come!
  23. Long weekend catch-up... Well, I did not hear your first WIP (I wasn't a coordinator then), so I don't want to pass judgment on something I haven't heard. But that whole energy, urgency quote is correct, so if your track is following that guideline, it should be alright. Just post what you have when you're ready; I don't want you to go changing your track around just a few days before the deadline. Always good to hear that our buds aren't deceased. Did you decide if you were going to give another track a shot? That's alright, thank you for letting us know. Get it in as soon as you have the time. Also, we only have three empty spots left on the main tracklist? Nice. Unless you want to sign up, of course! Then it's bad! For you! i c wut i did ther.
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