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WIP: Xenogears - Broken Bonds

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Some time ago I posted a WIP for a remix of the Xenogear theme, "Bonds of Sea and Fire".

I've been working hard on this mix and I've made some significant progress.

I need all the criticism I can get. I'm not going to stop until I get this up to OCR standards; that has been my goal from the start and I feel like I can do it.


One goof I just noticed is an error in the piano composition towards the end.

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Wow dude it's been awhile, you have def improved. This whole first half is awesome.

That reverse symbal you are using sounds like it has a lot of phase on it. Doesn't fit in well, try to go with something with more body, or a fuller sound. The strings also sound a lil phased.

A big thing on this is structure, i see how your introducing all of these different parts of the source but it doesn't seem to flow as well as it could. That's just a feeling I'm getting.

Needs a better ending, and more of a climax. Try working on giving some sounds a fuller feel. Just slightly, i think that would def improve the quality a lil. The percussion feels thin at times. Go listen to some of Gray Lightings tracks for some good examples of how ur type of sound can really sound lush. And yes this does slightly remind of some of Gray's remixes.

I def think with the right amount of work and what not, you can get this on the site. It's got that certain quality to it.

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lol... I guess I should've mentioned that I wasn't done with it. I still have like 2 minutes of material I somehow need to work in.

I'll do that... Implementing percussion has been really difficult as I'm not used to working in 3/4 and I havn't really had any resources for ideas on how to implement them.

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The arrangement so far is nice, but the whole mix is a bit low-fi. Overall there's to much low end and the mid-range strings that come in at 0:33 really muddy it up. Do some eqing and bring down the volume of those strings and hopefully it will be much cleaner sounding.

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