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  1. Donated. Ten bucks is quite reasonable considering all the great music I've gotten from OCR. Thanks for getting this going BGC.
  2. People could be playing OCR songs in Guitar Hero sooner than you think, it's now relatively easy to make note chats and hack songs into the game and as Murmeli pointed out there's a good chance that the masters of OCR songs could be made available to play. I'm currently making the note chart for Goat's "Rush'n Attack - Purple Heart" to be loaded into the game via Guitar Hero Explorer. Hopefully he'll be gracious enough to make the individual guitar tracks available, if not I'll be happy playing with the mp3. If you want more info about custom songs www.scorehero.com is the place to go.
  3. Wow! I'm impressed that you got over four minutes of material from such a short a source. The melodies you added are great, they're quite Mega Man-esque. Now the stuff that wasn't done so well, the sequencing was rigid especially on the organ and the drums, don't use those eight note high hats or the hand claps (hand claps should always be used sparingly). Change up the velocities on the drums and piano to make it sound more natural. The bowed bass part that comes in at 0:09 doesn't work; it's just too low. The organ sample isn't very pleasing to the ear and it simply doesn't sound like a real organ. I would add a solo of some kind and change up the chords at some point just to give it some variety. Give it more dynamics, it just seems to jump between sections with no builds or anything to really make the listener want to get to the next part. Keep working on it, it's got a lot of potential.
  4. I don't have a lot to critique. The melody could be brought out more throughout (especially at 2:16) and the drums are a bit loud. I think it would work better if you cut out the drums at 1:20 or 1:37 and then faded them back in later. The ugly chord at :23 and all the other recurrences should go. The opening chord doesn't sound good with that synth I would change what it plays but not the synth itself.
  5. Very cool mix, it's got a great groove going and the piano solo rocks! The whole mix could stand to be longer and the piano solo seems a bit truncated (what's there is very energetic). The bass could be braught up more, I was feeling a lack of low end and the bass line seems pretty smooth. The piano sample isn't up to par and it needs to be good because it's so exposed in the beggining and the end. I hope you finish it up and submit it, it's got a lot of promise.
  6. The arrangement so far is nice, but the whole mix is a bit low-fi. Overall there's to much low end and the mid-range strings that come in at 0:33 really muddy it up. Do some eqing and bring down the volume of those strings and hopefully it will be much cleaner sounding.
  7. I enjoyed the arrangement, I thought the part writing was strong and I especially liked the oboe line. The biggest issues I heard were the solo violin and cello samples. They're a bit weak and because the violin carries the melody it really stands out. As was previously stated, it could certainly be longer and the stuttery stings at the end don't work. Hope you spruce it up and submit it!
  8. I love this remix, it's one of the best on Kong in Concert. I really like everything, but the bells really complete the mix. Definetly one of the best trance remixes I've heard.
  9. I am currently downloading the Kong in Koncert album using bittorent and I'm only about 7% done. When I check the files it says that most of them are somewhere between 20-40 MB but my other ocremixes are only 2-6 MB. Can someone tell me what thats about?
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