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  1. Well, at least knowing that the issue is now with Kickstarter makes me think that there's hope for the project. If it were some kind of Cease and Desist by SE, we'd probably know it by now... hope I'm right. Thanks djp!
  2. Over $40k? Seriously guys, you should do this for every major album... it is going to be an awesome fundrainser. Long live OCR!
  3. It's rough, but as long as it works and do not fills the project with rushed tracks... I hope for the best for this project, it's too good a soundtrack to get sub-par album (not that any OC album was like that, of course )
  4. If ya dare, better do a friggin' epic job! Kidding! Just thinking that for any remix of that now, 'Last Chance' is the benchmark But When it comes to battle themes... multiple remixes wouldn't hurt, isn't it?
  5. A lot but quite not enough, I'm afraid. Too many unclaimed tracks, and important ones... But still, my favourite are all claimed, so there's a relief on the overall coverage.
  6. Indeed... hope for a better picture when ordering my shirt. Ditto!
  7. I'm not a very active community member, but I'm enjoying your awesome mixes for over five years now, my account will turn 5 within two days. This time, no lame self excuses! $20 sent! I wanted to buy a shirt too... it looks so great, but it is out of stock. Added a notify on the site, will get mine ASAP! Thanks for all the great songs, can't wait to get my SoS tonight! And sorry for not donating years before... it is the least we all can and should do, for such incredible free music!
  8. I don't care waiting, as long as no awesome track is left behind... like Jesters of the Moon!
  9. Someone please pick Pandemonium! :puppyeyes:
  10. YAY!!! I wish you all groundbreaking success on this! :grin:
  11. YAY! FFIX project! \o/ \o/ \o/ I love this soundtrack so much... undoubtfully one of my favorites, probably my favorite FF soundtrack. The Place I'll Return to Someday, Vamo' Alla Flamenco, Battle 1, You're Not Alone, Jesters of the Moon, Pandemonium... just to name a few awesome tracks... yet the last two of them still unclaimed? Heresy! I wish you guys all the success this project deserves!
  12. Heck... Well, I hope the best for this project. Sonic, Wild Arms, SD3 projects... cool, but this is Lufia!
  13. The second disc is crap anyway! I was so disappointed when I played it...
  14. oh, so that's it! Thanks, now I can rest my head.
  15. So let them jump to the last ones and have a pleasant surprise! Man, it was a long road these 3 years... almost incredible it is done, and with promising quality! Put a timeline of the comments about this project, the joining remixers, submitted wips and such, and you have a motivational poster!
  16. Great song! I also liked your SoR title arrangement. I also don't know if this can get approved, but it is an excellent job, for sure! Good luck!
  17. That's what it seems! Now that I think of it... is this finished? Yes, it is! Let me quote this... Wow! I can hardly believe! Again! Again! AGAIN! *nervous breakdown*
  18. And the release date goes to... *drums*
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