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Anyone used Kickstarter? I need some advice


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Hey everybody!

I'm planning on making a Kickstarter for my Final Fantasy 6 project and was curious if anyone here has used Kickstarter?  If so, can you please get in touch as I'd like to share with you a draft for the Kickstarter plan to see if anyone thinks it can be improved or changed for the better?


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There's no other way to be about it except blunt: a Kickstarter or crowdfunding thing is very much not recommended for three reasons:

1. If Square-Enix hears about it, they will likely C&D it. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster or whatever it's called is still fresh and enjoying sales and companies are hotter to protect their copyright from anyone and everyone than ever. That's IF your project is any kind of success and bringing money in, which unfortunately is unlikely because:

2. Much of the world right now is under a LOT of economic instability thanks to gas prices, Ukraine defending itself from Russia, 500% overpriced rent, 2 years of COVID complications and counting, great resignation, cryptocurrency collapse, etc. etc. one right after the other. Whatever spare money people have right now is not going to projects by indies with no experience before for the straight and simple reason that:

3. The general public is pretty sour on Kickstarter projects now. After years of many, many projects with loads of hype coming and failing to deliver (or even be released), Kickstarter has burned a lot of people and made them weary to trust any new ones. Very few people can get any kind of traction on crowdfunding anymore unless your product is a household name made by official people only, and even that has burned more times than not (Mighty No. 9, Cans Without Labels, Project Phoenix, Retro VGS, the list goes on...)

It's so much work and gambling to get such a thing going that you might as well use that time and energy to raise up the necessary funds yourself the old-fashioned way - save it up or get additional work hours/job for it, build it, and release it then without having the pressure of backers weighing you down.

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