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Pokémon Black/White - "Gate" ReMix (feat. Pokémon TCG [GBC], Outer Wilds, and FFXIII)


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Howdy everyone.  My most recent submission was rejected, and I would like to ask for help!  I am reworking some of the remix's composition, especially the beginning.  I've posted both the submitted version of the remix [Reshiram/Zekrom] and my current WIP [Minccino] below.

My biggest hurdle in re-submission is this:  the judges' most prominent critique of this remix is the mixing, which to be frank is something of which I understand very, very little.  I've tried to learn what I can over the years, but I always get lost in a soup of foreign terminology and differences in audio which I have trouble quantifying or sometimes find indistinguishable.  So... I would love to find someone who could shape this up for me.  (My DAW is FL Studio 20.)  Otherwise, I would appreciate feedback in the most layman terms you can possibly give.

link to the Judges Decision thread

Here's the original version I submitted (and which was rejected):


Here's my current WIP version:


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I think the judges did a pretty solid job of commenting on the composition part of things. So, I'll just leave my comments on the mixing aspect.

You still have the problem of the overbearing bell in the intro with its super long sustain/reverb. Personally, I'd mask it with a chorus effect. At least that is what comes to my mind as an initial try. The issue here is that it is mainly a pure tone and those can be really annoying to listen to and deal with. It is just the sound that is the issue not what it is playing. The drums could definitely use some extra oomph as it were. If you want to keep the sound about the same but just have some extra to it try parallel compression. If you want a bit more color then you can use some buss compression on them. There is still some extra low mids in the track. Honestly, I think it is a combination of just too many instruments not being HPF'd high enough or at all. Let one key instrument hang out there rather than letting all of them. That is a really hard part of a mix to get right.

Agree with the Judges though. Really awesome track under here :)

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