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Secret of Mana - Distant Wonder (Distant Thunder remix)


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It took some guts for me to start creating this. The song is kinda hard and I wanted to stay really close to the original since it's already so good and chill. 

Everytime I see or read something about Secret of Mana this song pops up in my head instantly along with Into The Thick if It (which I might actually do soon as well).

My biggest challenge with this one was the drums, both rhythmically and soundwise. I tweaked, adjusted EQ, tone, and kind of everything else. But I'm happy how they turned out! Also that marimba lines, it took a while to find a good base instrument from which I modified to this current sound. It wasn't actually a marimba sound, it was more like a typical electronic pluck sound. However, it turned out quite good as well. 

I kept many of the instruments at a "dry" level, took away most reverb and delay, except from the lead melody. And then my fatter synthwave parts where the reverb and delay peaks at huge levels. I love reverb :) I also put an overdrive effect onto the bass which gave more life, more dang and way more punch. I liked that a lot and will be reusing that one a lot in future remixes!

It was pure joy creating this one, I really love the original and hope you like it too, the orignal as well as my remix. 

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