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[GSM 1] Round 3 Voting


Game Set Mash!! 1 - Round 3  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. FF4 - "Welcome to Our Town!" vs FF9 - "Not Alone"

    • Salut Voisin! ~ SNES Team
    • You're Not From This Town ~ PSX Team
  2. 2. FF5 - "Unknown Lands" vs FF7 - "Cosmo Canyon"

    • Unknown but Never Forgotten ~ SNES Team
    • Flight of the Cosmonauts ~ PSX Team
  3. 3. FF6 - "Terra's Theme / Overworld" vs FF8 " Under Her Control"

    • Terra and On and On ~ SNES Team
    • Magical Girl Mind Control ~ PSX Team

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  • Poll closed on 10/01/2023 at 03:59 AM

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Voting Guidelines

Teams were tasked with writing three mashup arrangements of two songs each, one from a SNES Final Fantasy game and the other from a PSX Final Fantasy game. These are the source tunes that were selected for this round.

In order to make your vote, download the remixes and for each pair, choose the remix that fulfills the following criteria (listed in order of importance):

  • The remix arranges both source tunes in an interesting and identifiable way into one cohesive piece of music.
  • The remix is well-produced within the conventions of the genre.
  • The remix is enjoyable to listen to.

You can also use this thread to leave comments about the tracks. Remember to be kind and constructive. Thanks for listening, and thanks for voting!

> Download the Round 3 Remix Pack <

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