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A Drum and Bass remix Authentic Sky from Tekken 4

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Hey guys, first post here on the forums. I've known about OC-Remix for a long time, but never actually jumped in here.

Now with correct link (edited) sorry for the confusion! 

Tekken 4 has a special place in my heart. It was the first and only fighting game i ever really got into as a child. There was something about the dark atmosphere and cool intro-videos for each of the characters. In particular, i remember that the soundtracks for the Tekken series were absolutely genius. Tekken 3, 4 and tag tournament all had steller tunes. My favorite of all time though, has to be the Authentic Sky Theme. I still listen to it, to this day. So of course, i had to make it into Drum and Bass

Samples used:
Tekken 4 - Authentic Sky
Tekken 4 - Hex
Tekken 4 - Fist for a Fist

This song was produced, mixed and mastered on FL studio 21.2 on a pair of ATX-MH-50s

Artist: Mikkel Barner Johansen (me)



Edited by Mikkel Barner Johansen
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