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Know any good multi-playlist editing software?


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All I've used when it comes to playlists are things like Winamp and good old Notepad, and its just too slow. Does anyone know of an application that has at least these two features:

- Can show playlists at one time, so I can go through my library files, just dragging and dropping to any playlist I want without having to re-open anything.

- Can search my library (or a specified area of it) for all songs in a given playlist that are no longer in the location specified, and update those locations in the playlist.


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And it checks for duplicates in your library.

But yeah, iTunes is your best option for this. It also allows you to create a Smart Playlist, which basically adds tracks based on certain tag criteria, even if you've just added them to the main library.

Updating's a manual process though, it just asks you for the location of the file, and then you hunt it down.

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