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  1. Wow, so refreshing to hear Green Hill done in such a pleasing way. I would have preferred it without the upbeat sections at all, that's just me, but it's full of beautiful moments anyway. It also sounds very legit, like it's not battling with the "videogamey" vibe at all to produce something that is simply really nice to hear. I just love the piano and strings... and coupled with how genuine it sounds as non-game music, this would now have to be my favourite GHZ mix.
  2. Well these suggestions are all real words, so a little off topic I suppose. "Massive damage" Well the meaning is obvious but it's just the way we use it to pretty much refer to "The damage that matters." "Rush" Again almost the same as its normal meaning, but a gamer will know that it isn't just referring to saving time. Eg, Akuma's play style, or "rush the boss" meaning to ignore most of the level, etc. "Farm" and "grind" are other obvious ones. Also "spam". An Eve Online player will understand that they are not, in fact, emailing the warp button to hundreds of people. I've never heard "NES hard" but have heard "Nintendo hard" quite a bit.
  3. LOL.

    This is the first time I've seen your message. :D

  4. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my arrangement. =D

  5. On one hand I have to say very, very nice. On the other hand, is everything in tune? I like the mixing it up in the melody but often I got that "Wait, is this a key change?" feeling when the bells chimed in. Later with the flute as well, from 2;28. Might just be me. The harp. First note of every bar is just distractingly strong in my opinion. From 0:00 to 0:12. I guess it's deliberate but I'm not sure what you're trying to say with it. I think that if that note was just as soft as those that follow it would be sweetly soft and a much nicer intro. Personally I think the flute chorus (is this the chorus?, don't know) at 1:44 should be postponed. Firstly because for me, that's the best part of the tune and I would enjoy more build up to it (I like the returns to it later though). Secondly, because the stuff from 1:29 to 1:44 is just begging for another run through with some slight addition, in my opinion. It's more this reason than the first. This part finishes and it's a bit surprising. Don't know what to suggest about the minute of flute solo afterwards. It is a bit like waiting for the song to continue. One more thing. Would you consider replacing the ending with something basically just like the intro, perhaps fading out? Just a suggestion, I'm not the expert nor the owner. Overall though, really nice. I really like the soft but moving feel it has. The source deserved to be in a better Sonic game (though by this point in time it was pretty much over for decent Sonic games).
  6. Ecco DC has the best looking 2D sections I've seen in a game, and still no one has done anything serious with that. I don't think it's dead, but it depends on the audience you consider. It would be very, very hard to get mainstreamers to take a 2D platty seriously. I don't consider the existence of rehashed 2D platformers only on handhelds to really be all that "alive". I want to see a real, playable, interesting and surprising platformer on a full console, stretching every limit that could viably work in a 2D platformer. I think it can be done, but only because of, basically, Sonic and NiGHTS. They have 2D gameplay that isn't just about the next obstacle, and that's the kind of gameplay that needs to be considered, imo. If that's not making sense, think of Rez. Similar idea of it being about the play.
  7. Beautiful, I love the slow buildup. The main synth instrument used doesn't excite me too much, I'd prefer something softer and that's what I like about the rest of the tune. Sweet and soft and leaves you hanging for more.
  8. I'm not a fan of the original tune. In fact this is possibly my least enjoyed zone in any 2D Sonic, so for me the first minute of this sounds way too much like the something I don't like. The rapping saves it imo, just because I don't want to hear more of that tune. Having said that, the vocals are okay but don't excite me majorly, and in all other ways it feels too much like the original for me - as if little was changed.
  9. Nowhere did I say that either. I wrote about people being unable discuss their favourites. I am crystal clear on the thread's topic - people can't make "favourite <anything>" threads. Exactly. And if people want to talk about their favourite bad guy? Or their favourite remix on OCR? You asked if I'm serious? I understand the potential for flamewars, and banning all combustible material does work. Of course it does, its the easiest solution out there. Just outlaw any conversation in any such subject. Brilliant. Its like this topic belongs in PPR - keeping the peace by disallowing positive expression. Flamewars annoy me too, but it boggles my mind to think that the solution thought up was to ban all the topics that might have a bit more emotion in them. Just keep it numb, yeah? Robust discussion is too much to handle so just do away with it entirely. No more favourites threads. I can't believe that's the way everyone sees it.
  10. I'm surprised that its been two years and no-one has brought up a problem with this rule. Its a remix site where people aren't allowed to discuss their favourite remixes. In fact, people aren't allowed to discuss their favourite anything. ... Is this the best solution you guys could come up with? Some users behave badly to others... so you ban all such discussion, for everyone. Wtf.
  11. All I've used when it comes to playlists are things like Winamp and good old Notepad, and its just too slow. Does anyone know of an application that has at least these two features: - Can show playlists at one time, so I can go through my library files, just dragging and dropping to any playlist I want without having to re-open anything. - Can search my library (or a specified area of it) for all songs in a given playlist that are no longer in the location specified, and update those locations in the playlist. Cheers
  12. Defend

    EvE Online

    My only complaint about it is that it is quite a crawl to grow, while the fee to play is more expensive than I've seen elsewhere. Asks so much time to get into it, while costing a pretty penny for each month of that time. Lots of good things about it though, I love the graphics and the sound, and the one server only business. I didn't try battle as much as I wanted, but I could see myself wanting the option to have more manual controls. I'd enjoy being able to control a little speedy thing flying so close to a big ship that their guns can't aim for it.
  13. Well at least those teasers will be out eventually then. So I suppose bugging Krispy is out of the question. When you do release them, how will we know? And yeah, if I'd known about the project at all before today, I would have been listening to that teaser site heaps.
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