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Sample sale @ Zircon Studios ;)


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I'm clearing out a lot of my sounds because I'm spending a ton of money on a new computer setup, and I need all the $ I can get. Here's the list.

* Garritan Personal Orchestra - $150. This is the "first edition" meaning it came on 4 CDs rather than 1 DVD. However the sounds are identical, and if you go to the Garritan website and download the free update you'll be at second edition. Fantastic orchestral library - it has served me well (see: Nightmare Before Kefka).

* Quantum Leap Brass, East/West Ultimate Pianos, Quantum Leap Guitar & Bass - $20 each or $50 for all three. These are versatile sample CDs in older sound formats, but can be converted easily (and for free) to formats like Soundfont. These were hot libraries a few years back and are still very usable today. In particular, QL Brass is tops if you aren't willing to spend $500-1000 on a specialized brass library.

* Steve Smith Rhythmic Journey - $15. Well-rounded acoustic/rock drum library. Comes with loops in different tempos AND a very good kit w/ multiple velocity sampling. Oneshot WAVs means it's very easy to use with FL and Reason. I'll be sad to see this one go. :(

* Tascam Gigastudio 3 Ensemble - $50. Speaks for itself. My Windows XP installation is screwed up and I couldn't install the drivers to run this, but for any non-screwy computer it will work fine. If you ever wanted to beef up your sounds this is a great place to start... also comes with OVER 10gb of gigasamples to get you started.

* Bela D Media Studio B - $100. This is a Kontakt 1-format library, so anything that imports Kontakt 1 files will play it. NOT an encrypted library either!!! It's a several gigabyte collection that contains three well-recorded, thoroughly multisampled instruments; clean electric guitar, drum set, and bass guitar. This is a great lib - the drumset comes with 8 mic positions so you can adjust how much bleed you want, the e. guitar lets you control vibrato speed/depth and harmonics with midi control, etc.

* 6 Sonic Capsules; Groove, Eclectic Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Studio Drums - $250 for all or $50 each. Each capsule is about a full CD of multisampled material (except Groove which is various drum loops). This is all Sonic Reality stuff (makers of Sampletank 2 XL, Sonik Synth) so you know it's high quality. NO sampler required - each comes with a universal installer to install to any one of many different formats, OR you can just use the bundled SampleTank LE VST sampler. Any of these are great ways to beef up your sound arsenal w/o dropping big cash on a library ilke Colossus.

Post if you have any questions or if you're interested!

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