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DVD burner question


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I got an HP dual layer dvd+/-rw drive that I put in my pc less than a year ago. It's worked fine up till yesterday. I went to burn a dvd at 8x, and it took over an hour to do it. I've also noticed that it seems like it takes DVD shrink longer to analyse and encode too. I'm guessing that maybe the dvd burner is about to die out. Anyone had any experience of that happening before one kicks the bucket?

Edit: burning another dvd right now at 4x, and it's still going at the same exact speed. Nero gives me the estimate like it use to, but its like, 40 minutes off. Plus I've noticed that when I use dvd shrink or nero, sometimes my mouse cursor on the screen will freeze up, but I can still move the mouse around and click on stuff. Its like, invisible mouse cursor or something. I have to guess at what I'm clicking at.

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