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  1. If they can actually enforce these requirements, this will be the primary focus. So, creepers everyday, all day until you pay will get you in trouble. OCR has never restricted a persons ability to play the game if they don't pay so in that aspect we are safe. I think the bit about preferential treatment is just a poorly worded statement, they are not saying we can't give in game bonuses for donating, like is done on the OCR server, just that we can't withhold core game-play until people pay. I think as it stands now, OCR is in compliance with the rules.
  2. Aw man, that's a crappy way to start my day, Hoopy was a good guy and always fun to play with even if he was hard on himself.
  3. And here I am thinking they did, I must have horrible luck of taking damage just as I get that random crit. Actually this isn't a bad idea. I (briefly) looked for the exploitable plugin to see if any progress had been made, but I didn't see it. Any links or more info would be awesome. To expand on this further and because I am now curious, what plugins are we using on OCR.
  4. leave them on and give us the power to vote crits. They bring all the boys to the yard, but when the yard is full it would be nice to have the option to remove them. Personally, it's not other peoples crits that bother me, it's my own when I am trying to rocket or sticky jump.
  5. I'll take the Strange Scattergun and Strange CBSL MkI off your hands. I've got some metal floating around that I'd just craft into hats if I don't use it for something else.
  6. https://secure.multiplay.co.uk/clanpay/contribute?clanid=T1RGbVkySTNPR009Yjc4YzQ= Ok, 20£ down ~47 to go. The rest of you cheap sons of bitches better get on that.
  7. and that's how much you need (ie left to pay) or that's the total?
  8. You have to admit, it is kinda fun making people cry though.
  9. As have I, but to be nice an update. http://minecraft.angryitch.com/
  10. Ill be gone for a week, so the current schedule is "screw you, I'm on vacation"
  11. Awww, this is what I get for having a social life on a Friday night.
  12. 1.3 is out and as always, we are waiting on Bukkit RB before updating the server. They say they've been working hard since the pre-release but you guys know the drill. Lots of changes this, bunch of fixes that, etc etc.
  13. Got, intern (heal 7000 in a life) Specialist (heal 10000 in one life) and Milestone 3 all at once thanks to frogg and the team we were on.
  14. I always wonder if I've ruined someones first time playing TF2. Not some COD/XBox Live transfer pubber, but someone who really wants to get into the game and here I am, killing him every time he comes around a corner.
  15. What day do you have to pay by?
  16. Aaaw, isn't that cute. http://minecraft.angryitch.com/ right click >> show claims The big black one (hehe) is mine.
  17. Going to look into Multiverse this weekend, see if it's improved at all. Until then we, I'm sure we can come to an agreement about giving some of the blocks out.
  18. New map is up and our little spawn town is coming along nicely http://minecraft.angryitch.com/index.php?ll=23.478362362272506,-38.6773681640625&z=7&map=Homeworld
  19. you should totally upload your minecraft jar so I don't have to download and install all the required crap for that.
  20. To see current claims go here http://minecraft.angryitch.com/ right-click and select "show claims"
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