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Command & Conquer - Industrial/In Trouble


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Yeah, first remix. Submitted a while ago, it got rejected, I forgot about it, then I decided to post it up so everyone can tell me why it sucks.

Now, about the remix itself: It's a combination of the songs "Industrial" and "In Trouble" (hence, I named the song "Industrial Trouble") from the original CnC. Uses mostly orchestral samples, as well as some synthesized samples.

ReMix: http://putstuff.putfile.com/43179/5199432

Original tracks: You can find them on this download page here: http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/6830

(note that "In Trouble" is called "Looks Like Trouble" on there, for some reason)

Also, in case you can't tell which parts are which, the In Trouble segments are: 0:00 - 00:44, 1:31 - 2:29, and 3:10 - 4:41. The parts in between are the Industrial segments.

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Okay...never heard the originals, just critiquing this as is.

Cool sounding percussion at the start. I think the percussion is the strongest part of this piece. Kinda reminds me of Adhesive_Boy.

Overall, this doesn't have much cohesion--meaning, no sense of being held together. It sounds very spastic and all over the place. Apparently the source tunes are film score-like cues so I don't expect a rigid structure, but I'm not finding anything to grab hold of--it's like a bunch of bursts of disconnected music.

I'd suggest you listen to some remixes by Adhesive_Boy, and GrayLightning. Adhesive_Boy seems most similar in style to this, and GrayLightning is a master of ambient soundscape stuff.

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