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    Halo 3

    Played about half the campaign at a friend's house the other day, and I have to say it's certainly the most fun of the series. The only thing that disappointed me was the music. It's good, but seemed really ambient compared to the OSTs from the last two. The only track I heard that really did it for me was the violin version of 'Perilous Journey' from the Halo 1 OST. But oh well, I only played half the game, so maybe it gets better from there. Speaking of which, does anyone know anything about a release date (or something like that) for the Halo 3 OST?
  2. Oh Christ, I'm such a dumbass. In the MIDI settings, I had the keyboard set to "record to step sequencer". Well, I don't seem to be experiencing any problems at the moment...
  3. hmm, well I figured out how to step record. But that's no good; I need live recording. It seems I CAN technically live record, but for some reason it won't record into piano rolls, and the samples won't stop playing until the actual sample ends...
  4. Installed those, but FL still won't detect it... EDIT: Bloody hell, just as I posted that, FL picked it up. Well, I'm not complaining... Well, I can play the samples from my comp using the keyboard now, but I can't get it to record. It keeps telling me to adjust my audio settings....
  5. Alright, so a few months ago, my brother got this nice $200 MIDI keyboard. I attempted to plug it into my comp to see if it would work with FL (and as you should have guessed, it didn't). The computer itself, however, detected it, but I couldn't install it (I didn't have the software). So after one attempt, I just said screw it and went back to whatever it is I do. So, after realizing that my copy of FL has gathered quite a bit of virtual dust, I decided I might be able to get some help from this here forum, since I'd hate for all that $150 to go to waste. It's a Yamaha PSR-E403 61-key Portable Keyboard, with USB compatibility (no FireWire, though). I have FL Fruityloops edition v.7 (or whatever the latest version is). Any ideas?
  6. We did, but that was back when we were planning to mod Empire at War (turned out that the game was nigh impossible to mod on the scale we wanted). As for how much we've accomplished so far, all we have is a bunch of concept art and some storylines, though I'm not entirely sure if we want to start flashing those around. Here's the original ModDB for it (the EAW version), if it helps: http://mods.moddb.com/8153/2074-stars-ablaze/
  7. Well, after using FL a bit, I've decided I'm no musician, to say the least. So, I'm asking for anyone (preferable someone who can play guitar pretty well) for help with the OST to a little project I'm working on with a few other people. What kind of project? Basically, it's a total conversion mod for the soon-to-be-released Universe at War (it's an RTS). It essentially takes place in the year 2074, where, after stiff tension between the United States of America and Soviet Union, war breaks out between the two nations, just as an aggressor race of bird-like aliens called the Sh'we'pel enters human territory and begins its assault on mankind, resulting in a massive interstellar three-way war. How the hell does humanity have interstellar empires in the year 2074, and why does the Soviet Union still exist? The answer is somewhat complex, but it can be summed up by simply saying 'alternate history'. Each of the three races will (of course) have distinct characteristics, strategies, units, and, the only thing I really need to mention here, music. Keep in mind Universe at War supports a dynamic soundtrack, which basically means it'll play action oriented music when there's fighting, and more calm music when you're just sitting around, building your base or scouting, so we need all the music to be either fast/hard hitting or slow and steady, with no in between. I'll just list what we want for each race's OST here: - America: We're thinking mainly rock music (AC/DC might be a good example), but with some electronica thrown in as well, just to give it an extra kick, though feel free to experiment if you want. - Soviet Union: Industrial would be a good choice here. Heavy guitar rhythms keep it flowing, while synths and orchestral type sounds give it a sort of grandiose effect (think Rammstein). Of course, since diversity is probably a good thing, some solid orchestral tracks would be nice, too. - Sh'we'pel: We actually have someone doing this OST already, but basically they have mainly techno-type music. Any extra help would be appreciated, though. You can contact me by email if you're interested at 'big0jack@gmail.com', or by IM at 'big_jack2074' (for yahoo) or 'dwilliams42@sbcglobal.net' (for MSN Messenger).
  8. Tried Wave Studio, but the trial version couldn't do anything and no way I'm paying $50 for the full version. Any chance you could send me the vocals individually? :/ Also, I was thinking of mixing Spieluhr and Lone Trooper from C&C: Tiberian Sun (they're both pretty depressing songs), but you seem to have already taken that song...
  9. I right-clicked the waveform and saved as a .wav, but where do I check vocals?
  10. Being that I love both Rammstein and VG music in general, I think this is an awesome idea. Though as for the games that you're going to be, er, mashing-up, may I also suggest Command & Conquer, Doom, and Halo? Rammstein is pretty dark sounding, so it would be pretty odd to not have mash-ups for darker series...) Then again, I can't help but wonder what a twisted combination of Zerstören and the Mario theme would sound like... Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't be able to help you hear, since my remixing skills are lackluster, and I don't have a guitar (nor can I play one, for that matter)... EDIT: Also, how do you rip the vocals from a song? Is there some kind of software for that?
  11. Eh, it's pretty well known that some of the ones actually in the game were just MIDI versions of real songs. http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/doomcovers/ But being that I don't really listen to any of the bands he could have possibly based them off of, I can't really comment on these here new ones... On a side note, I can't seem to get e3m3 out of my head...
  12. Screenshots were kinda lame, but the trailers were pretty cool. And I lol'd when the Collossus avoid Suicide-Zegling rape by just walking up the cliff. One thing I'm really worried about right now is that they'll make the music some cheasy cliche' epic orchestral crap, and not good old fashioned...Space Hillbilly music...like the original had. Well, at least for the Terrans. Also, StarCraft *IS* a Warhammer 40,000 ripoff, but the fact that the Terrans are all hicks makes it less blatant enough so that it doesn't matter. Plus, the Protoss and Zerg are way cooler than that of the highly homosexual Eldar or bizarre Tyranids.
  13. You could also go with "Red Blitzkrieg" or "HellKrieg". Or "ад марш", but only Russians would know what that even means. Otherwise, I'd just go with "The Red March", since it seems to fit with the grandoise-ness of the song.
  14. Ah, much better, and that's saying something. It's definitely structured much better now.
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