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Student film using music from OCR...

L. Adam Bell

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This past semester, I took a Film course at the University of West Florida, and completed a movie that spans nearly 20 minutes—while it's certainly not perfect, it does have one awesome thing going for it: the use of four tracks by the talented folks here at OCR. I did, naturally, ask for everyone's permission before I went and used these pieces, and thankfully, all the ReMixers I contacted were overwhelmingly positive. Thanks, guys.

The music used (in order of appearance):

Earthbound: "Dreaming On Distant Shores," by Rellik

Final Fantasy VI: "Deadly Promises," by Darangen

Super Mario RPG: "Booster Tarantino," by djpretzel

Secret of Mana: "NightTime Evolution," by Harmony

If you'd like to view my film, you can give it a look here.

And, if you so desire, feel free to criticize. I know about the terrible lighting in some shots, so do us both a favor and skip that. =)

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"I wanna cast Magic Missle! I cast Magic Missle on the Darkness!"

Ok, the critiques (hey, you asked for it). First, the lighting is a really big issue. You almost might as well have done an audio clip. But as you asked, I'll skip that.

The next issue that I have is it is a little verbose, and moves rather slow. I would've liked the conversations to flow a little more naturally, with less empty space. I was also expecting the video to get more interesting when the girl came over, but that was unceremoniously skipped :(. The car crash audio was really bad; I'm sure you could find something better on a free sound-effects site if you just did a quick google search.

I really like the concept, but there was a lot to this video that made it not enjoyable for me. I'm looking forward to your next, because I think you have potential, but you need a lot of polish.

That being said, my favorite scene was the credits. Artistic and slightly abstract holds my interest more than talk about Ego and Superego.

EDIT: Better car crash effect. It's only slightly better, but it was also only a 5-minute search. Next time, try SingingFish.com for your SF needs.

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